This formation appeared at Henwood Down in 1997 and was relatively unvisited due to its obvious similarity to an ant. Pity. The formation revealed a wealth of information. One of our team members is gifted with the ability of clairvoyance and as such has successfully channeled information about certain designs ahead of time, including appearance and location. Inside the designs she is able to contact the entities responsible as receive information behind the purpose of that particular crop circle.

On this occasion she discovered that the formation was strategically located in this field to alter the local energy line structure by harnessing and referencing the telluric currents from local prehistoric sites, including ancient Winchester Hill, which was nearby but out of view (incidentally, this person had never been to this location and was unaware of the local topography or history); she also added that the reason for the ant-like design was to reference the insectoid-appearance of its creators. While this latter point was not easily confirmed, the others were and proved my colleague to be correct on all accounts.

The location had been independently dowsed by one of Britain's foremost dowsers, the late Richard Andrews, who found that the entire ley line structure in the field had indeed been radically altered. At ground level I sensed that the 'legs' were pulling-in energy from the east (top of picture). Standing in the tail section I noticed how each leg referenced a group of very old oaks along the narrow lane, which had been planted almost equidistantly. The farmer confirmed that the crop circle was running through a major energy line, marked by the two most prominent oaks (a Druidic tradition). My dowsing confirmed this.

One of our protocols was to dowse inside the crop circle to measure the Bovis levels. The Bovis scale is an intuitive scale created by a French scientist at the turn of the century to measure the natural health of organic objects, a system which is now being used in resonance therapy- along with crop circles images- to treat diseased environments and people. The higher the Bovis count, the healthier the system; an average person emits 15,000 Bovis. But in this formation the count shot to 40,000, indicating a high level of natural healing ability. Moreover, we dowsed an unusual array of energy around the physical centre- there wasn't just one energy vortex here but four, spaced like points on a square, each some three feet around the physical center of the ant's head. The pendulums were swinging so violently at 90ยบ to the horizontal they nearly snapped their chains. When we tried to still the pendulums they immediately began rotating in furious motion.

But more was to come. On a detailed map I noted the angles marked by the legs. Later I superimposed them over an accurate Ordnance Survey maps of the area(left) and found that all but one referenced local ancient features such as tumuli, long barrows, even Winchester Hill, just as my colleague had channeled; two crop circles from the same month had also been referenced, along with a couple of churches, which sat over ancient sacred sites of earth energy.

Only one line failed to match with any feature within a four mile radius, but then given how many of these Neolithic markers have been destroyed it is a wonder any still appear on maps. Altogether, the formation references 25 known sites containing earth energy lines, but most important of all it confirms the channeled information, indicating that there is some form of subconscious connection at crop circles- open to anyone who is sensitive to it.

Strange occurrences were reported by the farmer, Mr. Will Butler, during the night this formation appeared. He noted how his animals were uncharacteristically agitated; his normally placid cat even tried to bolt out of a window. His dog barked incessantly before daybreak. Shortly after, his family heard a loud motor above the field. When they went to inspect they found an army Chinook helicopter hovering above the field, monitoring something. Shortly after, the crop circle was discovered. From ground observation we know the formation was not man-made. So how did the army know there was a crop circle there, and how were they able to zeroe-in on it? Sound frequencies often play a part in crop circle formations. Can the army pick up this sonic 'fingerprint'?

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