The Case for Season Openers.

Report by Freddy Silva. Photo & diagrams © Freddy Silva.


The first crop circles to open the season are sometimes some of the simplest forms. Yet they can be the most deceptively complicated in terms of veiled information.

This formation, which appeared around April 9, 1999, materialized in oil seed rape (canola), the type of brittle crop where any pressure on the stems makes them snap like celery. When I entered it I was perhaps the first person to do so, all the plants inside the entire pattern had already regained their upright posture, their delicate yellow seeds still budding. Yet wherever I delicately tread, my footsteps and my presence was clearly left upon the plants.


The formation itself dowsed positive and according to the defined areas of the physical design, which is often the case with genuine crop circles. It was also contained by the earth energy line that runs from Adams Grave long barrow, a three-line pattern of energy; the top circle-with-moon and the bottom ring carry the energy out to the south east; the central circle on the other hand carries the energy flow back up to the long barrow.

It is from the dowsing that various geometric forms arise. From the drawing on the left it is possible to appreciate a number of concentric rings of electromagnetic energy (in red) that were dowsed relevant to each physical segment.

The top energy ring is generated by Hawkins' crop circle Theorem III (see Hawkins' section) which then contains the crop circle (black); the same applies to the central circle. The bottom ring's area is governed by Theorem II (shown as a white square). So, here we have evidence of diatonic ratios.

But there are a couple of surprises. The bottom ring's energy field is generating the sevenfold geometry that not only prevailed in last summer's designs but also in two spectacular formations later in1999.

But it was the middle circle that held the code to 1999's biggest designs to come- ninefold geometry. Magnificent examples of these appeared at Hackpen Hill, Cherhill and Sugar Hill. So once again we have proof of a code early in the season as to what surprises we are to receive for the year ahead. And all through dowsing.

This also validates the dowsing, since sacred geometry is a set of fixed mathematical values. The rings were measured relative to the physical designs and then dropped into a computer. From the diagram it is clear that the margin of error is very slight (less than six inches on the ground).

Try hoaxing this.

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