Inevitably, some humans did.

Out of 35 crop circles surveyed this summer, 20 failed to generate any dowsing or electromagnetic response, and subsequent ground investigations revealed little authenticating detail but plenty of suspicious activity. One interesting experiment was conducted by myself at the East Kennett crop circle, where a thorough dowsing survey revealed a complex energy field in and around the 'four cubes'. A few weeks later, a second formation appeared in thesame field, shaped like a heart, complete with a necklace of 29 circles, many misshapen or force-fitted. A dowsing survey revealed that no energy pattern was present, quite unlike its superior brother next door; a ground survey revealed how paths of plants had, in fact, been hidden underneath the floor lay, and used by people to trace out the pattern. Through dowsing I was able to discover the name of the main perpetrator, but thought nothing more of it.

A week later a local investigator phoned me to say she'd discovered the 'heart' formation had indeed been man-made. Following an interview with the farmer it was revealed that the pattern was commissioned for a wedding. The farmer consequently revealed the name of the hoaxer- Rob Irving, which was precisely the name given through my dowsing.

Matthew Williams was als ohaving a busy season, now commissioned to make two formations, one as a study on complex man-made designs and how they might be made without construction lines. The simple, and relatively small, heptagonal pattern, however, failed to convince, as construction lines were in abundance, as were discrepancies in the geometry; the central circle was so botched that part of it ended up square! Single standing stalks were peppered throughout the design to give the impression that no flattening equipment had been used, but a deft tug easily pulled them from the ground, showing how these had been planted afterwards. Mr. Williams was later arrested and fined.

Team Satan/The circlemakers went about their yearly deception tour in a farm well-removed from the hub of activity in Wiltshire (possibly in fear of the hostility). Dickinson's group settled on a design of overlapping rings, each supposedly encoding ratios of sacred geometry, and proceeded to post their intention on the Internet, 48 hours before the deed. Their secret location turned out to be near Wrexham. To date, only an oblique and faraway photo exists of the endeavour, so one can only assume the result was not worth showing the general public.

Perhaps the most extraordinary crop formation to date appeared one morning at the southern end of the Windmill Hill complex. This idealized representation of Earth's magnetic grid stood 180ยช in contrast to the hoaxes. One can also interpret the design as the splitting of a chromosome (coincidentally, the crop circle energy is known to disrupt chromosomes in plants); alternatively, it is the overhead map of the hemispheres of the human brain. Whichever interpretation one cares to choose, the visual impact is startling.

Even more interesting was the method of construction, for despite the circular illusion, not one curve was used, not even to build the two dipoles; the illusion was created by straight lines, which were themselves the result of plants laid in wave patterns. Where the lines converged at each dipole, the strands of upright wheat were but a handful in thickness.

A graphic disection of the pattern (below) reveals the hidden form, the accuracy, and the 3-D aspect of the design.

A number of other crop formations took on the form of eightfold geometry. Two of these- at Bishops Cannings and Milk Hill respectively were crude, obvious and suspicious; but a third at Silbury Hill (below) showed a number of features consistent with the real phenomenon. The central mandala was actually based on a sixteenfold bisection of a circle, giving the straight lines an almost imperceptible curvature. Above the central spiral were superimposed a number of vortices arranged in figure 8 configurations (or infinity signs, if you prefer).

The area ratios of the formation's four rings revealed how each was generated according to the principles of sacred geometry; the outer ring is of specific interest because it encodes Hawkins' Theorem III, the ratio of an octave. Oddly, a second formation appeared about 100 ft to the left during the same night, an obvious reference to Theorems II and IV, and their musical ratios.

The eightfold mandala is important because it depicts the octave, the complete cycle of creation; ironically, the Periodic Table of Elements is assembled in eight main groups. In Islamic art, Allah is depicted in an unfolding eightfold mandala as the 'Breath of the Compassionate', just as demonstrated by the Silbury crop circle. This is also the ancient symbol of Earth Mother as nourisher, its elements held in balance prior to the renewing of the cycle.