Text © Freddy Silva. My heartfelt thanks to the few people who continue to set aside politics and contribute their images to this site: Lucy Pringle, Busty Taylor, Paul Vigay, Jeffrey Wilson.

The study of crop circles - A proclamation initiative

We the undersigned have agreed to re-launch crop circle investigations and public communications into the study of crop circles with a renewed spirit of respect for others and to pursue the truth by all reasonable means possible. This timely initiative comes when the final outcome of the various crop circle investigations and ‘land-design’ experiments is thought by some to offer humanity new positive potential. There IS something to be learned here.

Our entire species is entering a difficult period of overpopulation, pollution of air, land and water and significant climatic change. Increasing human tensions on our planet have been noticeably exasperated by divisions and deception perpetrated by some political and even some religious leaders. Many populations on our small planet are 'war weary' and desperate to be represented with trustworthy leadership who apply basic human principles. It is clear to all that division and deception is rife and that these cancerous qualities grow only because they are not challenged by a busy population.

The crop circle community is no different to any other and it has its share of these same problems. These are now being challenged openly. This is a concerted effort to resolve these problems, existing close to home, and in so doing we hope to inspire a trustworthy dialogue with the public and cordial and respectful relations with each other.

We are taking the high road in all aspects of our studies and associations with this phenomenon. We hope to inspire trust, respect, integrity and friendship with all of those who arrived in the fields to research the circles, visit and enjoy them, or make them with the co-operation of farmers as experiments in social and mechanical studies.

The aim is to learn what there is to be learned and to enjoy all the fun they offer in so doing. All achieved with respect and integrity.

D&D - Division and Deception - has run its course

These well known names have sanctioned this release:

Busty Taylor (UK) Colin Andrews (USA) Ruben Uriarte (USA) Lindy Tucker (USA) Robert Irving (UK) Steven Greer (USA) Freddy Silva (UK/USA) Dr. Simeon Hein (USA) Ron Russell (USA) Ian Christopher (USA) John Sayer (UK) Andreas Muller (GERMANY) William Gazecki (USA) Dr. Jean Aubrun (USA) Peter Sorensen (USA) Paul Vigay (UK) George Bishop (UK) Matthew Williams (UK) David Kingston (UK) Paul Anderson (UK) Steven Alexander(UK) Paul Anderson (Canada) Wolfgang Schindler (Germany) Robert Speight (UK) Laurence Newnam (USA) Dr. Chet & Kallista Snow (USA/France) Kerry Blower (UK) Camille Einoder (USA) Shawn Randall (USA) Martin Keitel (Finland) Mark Fussell-Crop Circle Connector (UK) Ron Jones (UK) John Martineau (UK) Stacey Allen McGee (USA) Barbara Lamb (USA) Stuart Dike-Crop Circle Connector (UK) Ron Jones (UK) Dr. Andrew King (UK)

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The above proclamation – an initiative by Jeffrey Wilson, and enacted by Colin Andrews – was sent out at the start of the 2004 season to individuals involved in the crop circles community. It was a response to the escalating antagonism aimed at various researchers, generated by a handful of 'leading' names in crop circles research. The overall intent was to simply allow people with differing philosophies to have they say without the need for character assassination, verbal abuse and, in some cases, downright slander.

Despite the good intent of the Proclamation, within days of its release the daggers were out. Hate mail was exchanged; some asked me how I could possibly sign my name alongside those of hoaxers'; phone calls were made and pressure put on individuals urging them not to comply; and over at Swirled News, Andy Thomas and Michael Glickman couldn't help themselves in taking their usual pot shots, with their hallmark defamatory insinuations. Viewing the Proclamation as some kind of new elite supergroup, they went so far as to initiate a Proclamation Watch lest us children fail to live up to its initiatives. Well, boys, I think all the signatories are mature enough to take responsibility for their own actions without the need of supervision!

It is worth pointing out that the Proclamation was sent blind; not one of the recipients knew who was going to be on the final list of signatories; and while my name shares the same space as a few mischievous individuals whose actions I abhor, for me it was the intent behind the proclamation that was worth supporting.

I believe we can all share different points of view, we have the choice and freedom to express our different point of view, we have the right to disagree, and we certainly have the capacity to do so with respect and integrity, for others and for ourselves. This is not difficult. And yet the thinly-veiled disdain published on the Internet demonstrates just how deep the antagonism runs. But just a quick read over the Proclamation will reveal how this is not some "us against them" situation – if you didn't want to sign, no one was going to hold it against you, no one would think less of you; and you certainly would not be out of a club, because there was no club being constructed in the first place. So let's just get along...

And now let us concentrate on the important issue, the crop circles.

If you are one of those people who has followed my work for some time you will already know how I like to get a sense of what is to manifest in the fields in the coming months. Part of this is to gauge my own intuitive development, the other a scientific study of just how a group of separate individuals can connect with the invisible matrix and pick up information that is already lodged in the astral library. And so every year, in confidence, I ask a few trusted individuals for their predictions for the year (these include editors, psychics, accountants, computer programmers). The answers that came back were rather startling, and yet nearly identical: two, maybe less, genuine crop circles for southern England seemed to be the common thread.

Let's put this into historical context. Back in 1973, Dr. J.J. Hurtak was 'given' information from other levels of reality. The knowledge imparted would become known as 'The Keys of Enoch'. In these books, Hurtak mentioned how, in the coming thirty years of our time, "geometric light structures" would be imprinting information into the Earth's energy grid which would assist "humanity from one state to another, aid its spiritual development, and assist in understanding the Universe." These keys would work at various levels – symbolically, subconsciously, metaphorically, energetically, and so on. It would be another decade-and-a-half before the words 'crop' and 'circle' would be voiced in the media, so the information handed to Hurtak predicted the appearance of a phenomenon we now know and love.

It would also be at least a decade before a respected channeller in England, Isabelle Kingston, would unexpectedly vector information from a Universal consciousness, named The Watchers, which told her to look for geometric symbols appearing beside sacred sites throughout the south of England – symbols which would help unlock the potential in humanity, and provide Universal knowledge as well as technical information. These predictions, too, have since come to pass. But there was something else: Hurtak's channel said the symbols and the information "would come to pass during thirty years of Earth time" (by 2003), and it is interesting that, at least in my experience, 2003 provided the last batch of genuine crop circles. Three, according to my research, and a figure not dissimilar to the predictions set for that particular year.

And so in 2004 we again appear to find ourselves in close agreement, for out of all the glyphs which appeared over southern England this season, I can honestly say that only one possessed signs of authenticity – a simple pattern which appeared around May 20, below the white horse chalk figure at Pewsey; I have also received reports of two other possible authentic designs: simple circles on the Marlborough Downs, and a dumbbell design in Devon, which I was unable to visit.

On the left you can see my point for the Pewsey circles, in which the physical evidence shows plants with blown nodes and superficial charring, indicators of an energy which has interacted with the plants and their water-filled stems. In my book I attribute such effects to the action of ultra- and infrasound, Incredibly, no one I am aware of visited this formation; it was generally dismissed as too simple and unworthy of research, and there is even no aerial record. By the time I had returned from Scotland to see it, all the plants had risen, leaving an embossed effect on the field. There was not one damaged plant, not one stem that had failed to rise out of its previous elegant spiral motion. Geometrically, the main circle and ring is very close to Hawkins' first rule for crop circles, but I did not make an accurate measurement because I felt so bad at damaging a completely undamaged set of stalks. As many of you know, Gerald passed away last year and, ironically, I had been debating as to when he'd get in touch. The glyph appeared several fields from my home.

Unusually, I spent much of this season directed to look at natural systems at work. On one occasion I was walking beside a 5000-year old long barrow near Oxenwood when my attention was peeked by what at first looked like wind damage in the adjacent barley field. Yet as I walked beside it I began to feel as if I was passing a real crop circle: that tingling sensation on the palms, the high-pitch 'whispering' in the right ear, not to mention the heightened third-eye imagery.

This curious energy discharge was over 200 feet in length, and designed like a series of 'E's, with what I can only describe as two 'dragon's feet' at the bottom of the field. Inside, the haphazard design contained a complex swirled floor, with plants bent at 45-, 51- or 60-degrees (angles synonymous with sacred geometric figures the square, the heptagram and the hexagram), their nodes all blown and elongated; there even was superficial charring - the same features we find in genuine crop circles. An identical situation was analysed in July by a nanotechnologist from Dartmouth University in New Hampshire (who'd worked on the soil analysis of crop circles) just south of Stonehenge. I joined him and several other colleagues at this 'formation' consisting of half a mile of circles, elliptical shapes and other odd-shape energy discharges.

And here I believe is one of the points being made by the Circlemakers this season (and possibly last season as well) : the purpose of the crop circles phenomenon is being misinterpreted. Today, with the advent of specialist web sites, we have come to expect a certain sensationalism of the circles, and the more sensational the design (and its interpretations) the more attention it receives. Unfortunately, much of this sensationalism is now being created by human beings and erroneously misinterpreted by human minds, and in so doing, the information and purpose projected by the real Circlemakers is being confused, even lost. Hence the 'back to basics' approach through the use of simple designs and connections to fundamental principles of nature.

Case in point: Two years ago I remarked on the farcical 'alien-with-disk'. And it was farcical. Anyone who researched this properly on-site would have easily seen how it had been mechanically made; the local residents revealed they'd seen much light activity late into the night (including a helicopter with a search light at 1 am, contrary to aviation procedure), the design was made over thee course of two days, and from my conversation with the farmer he appears to have been in on the joke; there were even holes in all the right places on the ground to prove its human origins (some of them having even been backfilled). Meanwhile, a beautiful 'shell' design barely twenty miles away had been yielding all manner of encoded numbers and information, yet to my knowledge I am the only one who bothered to find out, because I was not distracted by the sensationalism of an alien holding a disk who, incidentally, resembles the character in the first Star Trek series.

The information from genuine crop circles such as the 'shell' is part of the Universal knowledge being imparted. But when a lack of discernment and objectivity sets in, and people become distracted by the trivialities and superficialities of human-made designs – not to mention the fanciful explanations given by a handful who are trying to monopolize the phenomenon– then it stands to reason that the Circlemakers will stand back and let the hoaxing be exposed for what it is. A similar situation occurred back in 1992-93 following the Doug and Dave circus and the rise in hoaxing that came in its wake, when some 95% of designs of those years were certainly man-made. The phenomenon then resumed in force in 1994 once the point was made.

For me, pointing to discharges of energy at Oxenwood and Stonehenge was a way of focusing on the prize, because it re-iterated what we have known for a long time: that the circles are formed using natural principles under the control of an intelligent and conscious force.

How can I be certain of the hoaxing this year? Well, for one thing, the themes are reworkings of earlier (and already suspect) designs, embellishments of previous attempts, even poor copies of former genuine designs. Additionally, the evidence on the ground has not stood up to any standard protocol, and what has been observed are the effects of flattening of crops by mechanical, not energetic means; there have been no electromagnetic anomalies; and as for microscopic changes in plant samples, these will take time to be analysed.

On the other end of the scale we have had groups of hoaxers caught on several occasions. The native American researcher Rod Bearcloud caught one group making the design below Golden Ball Hill. Another was caught not once but twice below Milk Hill, forcing them to finish the work over the course of three evenings. This accounted for the Internet reports of the formation having 'grown' over several nights. An earlier design of similar origin below Milk Hill, and named 'the Bee', was promoted as 'a device from the spirit of the electronics genius Nicola Tesla'. Unfortunately, this information appears to have been influenced from the research on page 248 of my book, again illustrating that the hoaxers are not only a stage behind the available information, but they use such information to undermine the validity of the published research. I cannot stress this point enough. Last year they attempted to encode the strategic angle 19.47 degrees, albeit to inaccurate effect; and their more daring aligning of designs beside local sacred sites shows a total lack of understanding of the location, width and workings of the invisible magnetic pathways of energy at these locations. If anything, such designs appear to be made to order for aerial photography.

For some time, a group of hoaxers from the Midlands has been active in Wiltshire; this group is said to be 12-strong, well organized, and operating out of a dark green van, whose constant appearance at night around the Avebury are seems to precede a design in the adjacent field the following morning. I may in fact have inadvertedly met one of them while photographing a stone circle in the Lake District: after various pleasantries, the man told me how he and a large number of mates had been making crop circles in the Avebury area since 2000 (which certainly coincides with the rise of complex hoaxes). After a detailed line of questioning from me, he appeared to figure out who I was and bolted for his car before I was able to get the license number. But he does drive a dark green Alfa Romeo Saloon, so you night-watchers with baseball bats out there now know!

I kid of course. Violence solves nothing. However, police, and the prospect of sharing a jail cell with a big guy called Bubba would be far more ... um, sobering.

The same group may also have been responsible for the so-called 'Mayan calendar' design near Silbury Hill, given how it incorporates recurring and identical stylistic trademarks. Three years ago they made a similar, if scruffier version in the Midlands. This time amid more crowded surroundings down South, they were inconvenienced the first night, hence why the design first appeared as an outline, then completed the following day. Genuine crop circles, lest we forget, require less than fifteen seconds to create. This technique now seems to be the preferred method of making more complex designs (or so they appear, to the casual viewer), earlier precedents being the aforementioned 'alien-with-disk' and the 'arecibo' design, which was developed over three days in secluded fields, and away from night surveillance.

Incidentally, the markings on this 'Mayan' glyph are more akin to Greek decoration. It has also been advertised that the design incorporates ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and symbolism, all of which is a product of someone's fertile imagination rather than reality.


On a humourous note, a smaller gang - this time local lads - made a messy pictogram in the South Field of Alton Priors, possibly on account of one of their girlfriends having had a row in the field, hitting her boyfriend on the head and chucking his stomping board away and into the dark wheat field. So I'm reliably told.

Team Satan/Circlemakers were also active by Silbury Hill thanks to a commission from National Geographic for what will no doubt be yet another debunking show. The maze design, one of three in Wiltshire this year (the others having been made in more remote locations- practise?), was made in daylight on the land of Farmer Hues, one farmer who now is regularly approached by hoaxers in exchange of payment for Land Art. I understand the fields below Milk Hill are also under his stewardship, and whether by design or coincidence, these fields have housed one hoax after another for the past four years. As these business relationships increase so does immunity from criminal prosecution and ease of working conditions, which answers the critics' question, how are people able to make ever more complex patterns?

And what about such complexity? Well, at least that's how they appear at first glance, because when one dissects such hoaxes, like the people who make them, they are a case of deceptive use of circular shapes and alternative segment flattening. When you have a well-trained group twelve you can also achieve so much more work. And as you'd expect, the mess on the ground may not been easily seen from an aerial image. In other words, the work appears better the further away you see it.

I also attribute the lessening of the phenomenon to the inevitable human desire to increasingly place marketing ahead of the 'product'. Research IS expensive, especially the recording of the phenomenon from the air, and I take my hat off to anyone who can actually end any season financially in the black (other than hoaxers who now boast in the UK media of having made tens of thousands of pounds in commissions). And yet one look at many Web sites will demonstrate just how commercial interests are now dominating the research, even the information itself. At one point, the T-Shirt for the "Bee' was on sale no sooner the plants had been planked. How soon before the T-Shirt precedes the pattern?

Near Woodborough Hill, the German researchers Kyborg and Koch performed their annual ritual, making a design (with farmer's permission) to honour the real Circlemakers. I am always surprised by the way their genuine tokens of affection are so carefully constructed, and in years past have delighted in following them to see just how they are able to pick up local energy fields, then construct a pattern based on the alignment of local magnetic lines. It teaches us a lot about the intuitive self, and how by cooperating with other levels of reality useful things can be learned.

The designer Maurice Osborne also bought a piece of land and created a reply to the 'alien-with -disk' glyph. Although my research is at odds with Maurice's opinion over the origins of said glyph, his intent is honourable and his effort commendable, and I, for one, do hope he receives a reply.

I am well aware that much of this can make for rather gloomy reading, even disappointment to many who view the phenomenon as a great source of joy, and who come here from many foreign countries in the hope of experiencing magic. Rest assured the phenomenon is still alive and well, it is just operating in other, more subtle ways (as discharges of energy at sacred sites perhaps, or through less visually enticing designs), and certainly the Watchers' presence is felt more strongly than ever before at points of power such as Silbury Hill. The work continues unadulterated at invisible levels until we once again reassess our understanding of what exactly is at work and learn to be more discerning with the information we are given. Just because a picture labelled 'crop circle' appears on the Internet does not make it a genuine event. This sentiment was indeed reiterated by The Watchers during a channelling session during the summer.

How does one work positively with such a scenario? I recommend feeling rather than seeing. For many years the Circlemakers have been attempting to show that one purpose of their creations is the way they develop our sense for the intuitive, for subtle energies, and for our connection with Universal/natural principles. If you happen to have been in this part of the world, this year you would have felt a greater intensity in the land and its sites of veneration. Again, I feel this is what the Circlemakers are asking us to experience, and certainly many people who came here picked up that presence in the landscape. Let us not forget that the visual aspect of the crop circles is but a temporary expression of underlying energy fields, and to understand that is to walk in rhythm with the purpose of the crop circles.

As in daily life, when we become comfortable with any situation, we can be seduced by the presentation rather than the content, and this allows for both a lack of discernment as well as a diluting of the information through the introduction of triviality. In the end we mistake the superficial for the essence, and the glass building becomes the seductor despite it standing on a very unstable foundation. The hoaxes are those glass buildings, and the real Circlemakers, by altering their approach this season, allow us to focus on the essence.

The criminal aspect aside, the man-made designs still serve a useful purpose. As I tell visitors, if you stand in a man-made design, with permission from the farmer, use the moment to connect with the sacred landscape and infuse the site with positive energy. Learn how to work with the invisible Universe, its ways and means, and with its local, physical shrines. Use the geometry of the design in the same way as you would if you stood inside a cathedral – for they are man-made, too, and use similar energetic principles at play in genuine crop circles and other sacred spaces. Some man-made crop circles are also made with positive intent (as is the case with Osborne's, and Koch and Kyborg's work above) and one can pick up their positivity and intent the moment you walk inside one of their creations. This, too, is a valuable lesson in understanding the concept of love, honouring and intent – again key principles in life that come through the communications from the genuine Circlemakers.

Following a presentation of mine at Salisbury, a colleague asked to make a statement. She was concerned about the constant debate of hoaxed vs. genuine, saying it really didn't matter about the origin of the circles as long as they made people happy. While I agree with the latter part of the statement, since I didn't wish to be confrontational at the time, I'll state here that I do believe the origin(s) of the crop circles is important, and to deny so is to lose sight of their whole purpose. Two decades of research has revealed much technological, spiritual, and Universal information, and that knowledge is indeed aiding our understanding of life and ourselves, just as it was predicted thirty years ago. It is also offering us a choice as to whether we continue on this present myopic path of self destruction or choose a more enlightened and balanced life. By not applying some degree of discernment, even basic understanding of what actually constitutes a crop circle (and there are still those who are in total denial of man-made ones) is to miss the lesson provided by their creators, to indulge in self-delusion, or at worse, to use this phenomenon for personal gain and control of others. And in my opinion that is not just misuse of power, it is also dishonouring the creators of these energy forms annnd the vital information they bring.

While I still do not profess to know everything about this phenomenon –and certainly each year provides more pleasant surprises– I do know that there is plenty of solid information already published on this subject, and the more you know and experience the less the chance of leading people down an unproductive path, no matter how innocent the intent.

To end on a positive note, the view from the rest of the world appears to be increasingly positive. There have been 78 reports of crop circles outside England. In Canada and the USA a number of designs have shown altered crystalline structure to the plants and the soil; at the time of writing, a report from the Northwest Territories of Canada tells of two large tree circles in poplars, 500 and 300 feet in diameter. A dimensional ratio of 5:3? That would be a perfect fifth in music! So it appears that despite the persistent attempts of the media and the hoaxers, the awareness and understanding of the crop circles in other parts of the world is increasing at a steady pace.

Perhaps we are witnessing the closing of yet another phase in this phenomenon, and just like the two-year hiatus during the early 1990s, perhaps it will be 2006 before we see new expressions of this phenomenon. That would be my intuitive guess for now, but even if this ultimately is true I will not be saddened, because the presence of the Circlemakers, and the fringe benefits that come from working in a balanced way with their information provides great insulation against the agendas of a few misguided individuals.