Text © Freddy Silva. Excerpts from the North American web sites, CCRN and CCN. My heartfelt thanks to the few people who continue to set aside politics and contribute their images to this site: Crop Circle Connector, Jeffrey Wilson, Mike Nichols, Lois Baillie, Roger Sugden, Annemieke Witteveen.

The 2005 crop circles season continues the trend set by events in 2003, with Circlemakers working mainly behind the scenes rather than manifesting visible designs. In other words, the information continues to be coded into the Earth’s living energy field by either disguising it as seemingly weather-generated phenomena or by simply avoiding overt geometric displays. So, it may come as rather a surprise to many that, of the 80 designs reported in southern England this year, not one appears to support any signs of authenticity. In fact, from my own personal observation and those of the few people who are still reporting with a good degree of objectivity, practically everything in southern England this year was man made. But do not panic, all is as it should be.

To put this into historical context, back in 1973, Dr. J.J. Hurtak was 'given' information from other levels of reality. The knowledge imparted would become known as 'The Keys of Enoch'. In these books, Hurtak mentioned how, in the coming thirty years of our time, "geometric light structures" would be imprinting information into the Earth's energy grid which would assist "humanity from one state to another, aid its spiritual development, and assist in understanding the Universe." These keys would work at various levels – symbolically, subconsciously, metaphorically, energetically, and so on. It would be another decade-and-a-half before the words 'crop' and 'circle' would be voiced in the media, so the information handed to Hurtak predicted the appearance of a phenomenon we now know and love.

It would be a decade later before a respected channeller in England, Isabelle Kingston, would unexpectedly vector information from a Universal consciousness, named The Watchers, which told her to look for geometric symbols appearing beside sacred sites throughout the south of England – symbols which would help unlock the potential in humanity, and provide Universal knowledge as well as technical information. These predictions, too, have since come to pass. But there was something else: Hurtak's sourcel said the symbols and the information "would come to pass during thirty years of Earth time" (by 2003).

In so in 2005 we find ourselves two years on from that 'sell-by' date. Let me explain this year's events, starting with two of the primary pre-requisites for the creation of crop circles: water and magnetism.

Water is fundamental to crop circles for many reasons, and those who have already read my book, or the works of Broughton and Grist will be aware of the connection. In a nutshell, the Circlemakers use aquiferous ground so that the water can balance the tremendous heat generated during the infrasonic circle-making process; this process leaves surface traces in the affected plants (charring) as well as microscopic alterations to the crystalline structure in the receiving material. The Circlemakers also use the spin motion of energy to create an electro-magnetic field in water, thereby encoding biological information in water’s memory capacity. In England, last Winter and Spring were marked by a drought, and consequently the water table was measurably lower.

Secondly, genuine crop circles appear on the nodes of the Earth’s lines of magnetic energy, and this season, throughout southern England, these pathways contracted– a result of many factors, both terrestrial and cosmic. This ebb and flow of energy is cyclical, and in past years the appearance and number of genuine crop circles has been tied to these natural processes. Thus with both water and magnetism in short supply, genuine crop circles were predicted to be rare during 2005.

From my own research, and through communication with my contacts, this state of affairs is in line with principles set down by – in my opinion – the last major, genuine crop circle: the 2003 Ogbourne St. George formation. The information contained in this design was primarily intended for the Earth itself, and the Earth will have been processing it for some time. Energeticaly this was one of the most powerful designs of late, and at some point I will publish the research; a physicist also pointed out to me that the best way for such a hit of energy to best be assimilated would be to let it ring true, like a bell. And so the ripple effect of that design is still reverberating within the Earth, touching all it’s living organisms at every stage.

At the time of writing (and my apologies for the delay in this report, I moved to America this year), it is my understanding that the Circlemakers need not input any further information for the moment, and are merely fine-tuning and responding to that which needs responding. The crop circles are not a regular show, they have appeared in response to a request for the development of human consciousness, and as humanity makes its adjustments so the consciousness behind the crop circles adapts its program.

It was also predicted last February that the genuine crop circles would be more active in North America, and certainly there have been several reports this season. Crop circles appeared in Missouri, North Carolina, Illinois, and North Dakota; following one of my lectures, a couple from Montana told me how a local rancher had witnessed balls of light fly around his field prior to the manifestation of a large circle. Canadian prairies also reported five accounts, and as always, the farmers there seem very cooperative and positive towards the phenomenon, even if the designs are mostly simple. One account from Leicester, NC, describes a four-circle formation in 6’-7’ tall hay the morning after more than a dozen witnesses- including the landowners - observed a “blinding light” lasting for several seconds. Witnesses from a 10 mile radius around the formation reported seeing the light, and animals in all those locations were also reported to have been extremely agitated – the landowners’ dog located at the time in a basement “tried to rip the door off”.

The balls of light often seen flying around southern England are being witnessed more often in America. Prior to, and following the discovery of circles in Coles County, IL, residents reported unusually bright lights with beams shining downwards in the vicinity of the pattern, while others saw brilliant red BOLs “brighter than fireworks” in the same area, causing two of the eyewitnesses to nearly drive off the road.

There is another reason behind the Circlemaker’s intent to limit the number of visible designs at present. The skeptic argument runs that crop circles are made by people, and again this year money and time was spent by these misguided individuals via National Geographic (in the US), the BBC (in the UK), and now the Italian Committee for the Verification of Paranormal Events (CICAP, in the same mold as CSICOP in the US) making ‘crop circles’ for TV debunking shows. In this endeavour they avoid the main thrust of the whole argument: that crop circles are physical expressions of an underlying energy, that has a conscious source, and this energy leaves evidence in the receiving material, which has been proved in laboratories all around the world. But then the skeptic intention is to mislead and to stick to an extremist agenda (check out the names on the board of directors of National Geographic and their ties to multi-national organizations), so you will not hear or see a balanced discussion on TV anyway. At least for now.

But back to the point. If you are familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work on the affect of human intent on water, it is easy to understand how negative or contrary intentions, when attached to the purity of a crop circle energy field will dilute and soil the information it contains. This would negate the very purpose behind the imprinting work being carried out, and so for this very reason the Circlemakers are continuing their work in the invisible spectrum – until the situation changes. The primary purpose of this communication has always been to facilitate the development of human consciousness, not force the issue against the free will of humanity.

We should also bear in mind that the military has the technology to ‘see’ the crop circles because the latter contain a myriad of electro-magnetic signatures capable of being tracked by radar. Several farmers in Hampshire have told me how, around 5 AM, military Chinook helicopters are often the first on location above a new crop circle, even before the farmer is aware of it. We simply do not know to what degree the military may be jamming or interfering with these inputs of energy, and so the logic behind laying down the information in formats that fool the eye also makes sense.

Thirdly, the crop circles are encoded with practical information, and with all avenues of funding virtually at a dead end, the research appears to be lagging. Without finances we cannot take the time necessary to keep up with the amount of work required. Even veteran researcher Colin Andrews has put up his entire database for sale. The situation is rather pessimistic at present.

So where does this leave the English situation? 80 hoaxes! There must be a whole sub-industry of sociopaths operating in English pubs. And indeed there is. There is, for example, the ‘Land Rover group’ which work in convoy of up to twelve vehicles, and meet regularly along the ancient Ridgeway track on Friday and Saturday nights. They have been seen making hoaxes around the Barbury Castle-Hakpen Hill area for years, and recently have taken to the area around Milk Hill, in the Pewsey vale; I personally saw them, in convoy, working their way to the field that, next morning, contained the 2001 Milk Hill glyph. Am I certain they made it? No, but certainly the Milk Hill glyph contained the one feature synonymous with man-made designs: outline paths, where people trace out the outline and the geometry of the design then fill-in with flattened crop. If you wish to see one of the unique features that defines genuine from fake, lift up the lay and look for these thin, 8-12 inch tracks of plants which form its skeleton.

This was the case with all designs I visited in England this season. Additionally, virtually all designs (in England) were made during weekends (read: time off work). The hoaxers are also making more complex patterns due in part to more people being involved in their construction (I believe the ‘Midlands group’ uses up to twelve people); some farmers are being paid for the land, or, as in the case of the ‘Mayan’ glyphs, they are using fields far from peering eyes. Add to this the huge drop in foreign visitors to the area over the past three years and you begin to see the sorry picture.

I’ll use this latter design as an example of how the information on the internet is so out of balance and lacking in objectivity, because the ‘Mayan’ crop circles have received so much exposure despite the conclusive evidence of its original man-made origin. It’s first incarnation was in the Midlands three years ago, where few, if any, people are out watching fields. And since few people ventured up into that part of the country to see this trial run, the group decided to come south to the popular Avebury area last year. The problem was that this area is more keenly watched, and indeed they were caught making it, by no fewer than three couples from two countries; two of these couples independently confirmed that an Italian TV crew even helped the hoaxers with the finishing touches! An aerial photo exists showing the construction outlines of the interrupted design (see 2004 below).

Egos fuelled by the exceptional attention their work received, this year they opted for a less visible site, near the Weyland Smithy burial mound in northern Wiltshire/Berkshire, and not surprisingly they have gotten way with making more complex designs without being disturbed. I know these fields very well, and even people walking the local, popular Ridgeway path would have been hard pushed to see anyone working that field, even in daylight. But again, the evidence of outline paths was all there to see, not to mention the evidence of linear flattening from the use by planks of wood.

Which brings me to a point: if these designs are appearing in places far from the beaten path, who is reporting them? I have said for some years now (and I’m not the first) that these designs are being reported by the very people who make them, after all, artists do not create for an absent audience.

The Mayan designs have given many people much pleasure, and if something in this world makes people happy I’m for it. Hope is one of the saving graces of being human, and one ought not remove that hope, because sometimes it’s all one has to keep going. The point I wish to make is that the genuine crop circles carry a positive intent and purpose as well as valuable information. What I’m attempting to do here is provide an antidote, another viewpoint for those who are seeking the facts without getting too side-tracked by the reality of what is actually occurring at present in the fields. And so long as there exists a lack of objectivity by people reporting these events, the hoaxers will continue, and the wool will continue to be pulled over people’s eyes. And that’s as much attention as I wish to give the troublemakers.

In the spirit of open-mindedness I now wish to volunteer another scenario. Back in 1987 the Circlemakers– channelled through Isabelle Kingston-– said that one day people would be imitating crop circles (this was mentioned in the days before hoaxing), but so would they be used to make them, which bring us to an interesting point in this phenomenon.

As I mentioned at the start, the circles require certain natural elements for their creation, partly because the Circlemakers are harnessing natural principles in the first place. To quote the transcripts “sometimes the conditions are not right to create crop circles yet the information is important to reach those who need it”. In such cases the Circlemakers said they would put the designs into people’s heads. Clearly this area of research is hard to prove and requires much faith and trust which, in my direct experience, is not a problem. And yet there have been many documented cases where hoaxers have said they were compelled to design something at night contrary to their pre-designed plan. They mention being ‘guided’ or ‘influenced as if a force had taken control of them’. Disregarding, say 50% of such claims as an excuse to confuse the issue, the reason why I tend to believe some accounts is because the experience has visibly shaken them, and true fear is not easily disguised. In some cases their experience has been validated by events in and around the fields.

Scientifically, suggestion or thought transfer is possible because brainwaves function as electro-magnetic impulses, and if a person is receptive to suggestion there is no reason why the Circlemakers – who operate along identical Universal constants – should not use the situation to their advantage. As I said earlier, they can facilitate but not impose. Clearly it is near impossible to make a cohesive geometric shape in total darkness without prior planning, and walking into a field ‘blind-folded’ and creating an unplanned and uncoordinated design certainly makes this possibility worth considering.

Another scenario centers around cases where crop circles manifest in exact fields where hoaxers plan to make a design the very same night, decide not to, and on the following morning find the aborted design in that field. This occurred a few years ago with a Flower of Life-type pattern near Barbury Castle. While the physical design did leave much to be desired, it nevertheless opens a possibility there may be a third element at work here, one that sits somewhere between genuine crop circles and man-made. Did the hoaxers pick up an energy form already present, and vectored the information onto a piece of paper? Given the vibratory nature of all things, this is absolutely feasible, but the ground evidence suggested a non-genuine event; or perhaps a second group of people vectored the same information and decided upon its execution? Likely, even if the odds of such a coincidence are high. But what if we are now looking at a third possibility – where some crop circles are actually physical expressions of human thought patterns? If the intent of the designers is aligned with the cosmic intent then manifestation readily occurs.

Which, in my opinion, would explain why some crop circle features on the ground seem to fit somewhere between man-made and genuine.

The one true maxim I have seen time and again throughout the 25 years of this phenomenon, in modern times, suggests that we must constantly strive to maintain an open mind, and certainly the Circlemakers have always surprised whenever we have become complacent. The interaction between the human energy field and the invisible Universe is of prime interest to forward-thinking scientists, and new discoveries are being made at a rapid pace. I have always maintained that one of the ultimate goals of the Circlemakers is to make us comfortable with the notion that we have the capacity to generate our own reality, and so it would not surprise me if some of the crop circles that we are taking for ‘man-made’ may in fact be co-creations from our own consciousness. Certainly the 2001 Milk Hill glyph– which I believe to be very suspicious– is full of numerical references to Lunar principles. IS it possible an interaction tok place?

At Princeton University’s laboratories the human mind has already been shown to alter the computerized beat of an electronic metronome. In Wiltshire during 1999 a large gathering of dowsers – people who are already highly sensitive to Earth energies – was walking by a site near Cherhill, and remarked ‘what a fine location for a new crop circle’, and within hours one indeed manifested. A reply? Or a vectoring of information already present in the etheric field?

I myself have witnessed many crop circles which manifested at locations beside sacred spaces, recently opened to Universal forces, and the designs always referenced the folklore or history associated with the sites. The point is, once the cosmic human is aligned to Universal principles, manifestation occurs, and both parties are involved in a sacred dance of creation.

Next year marks a pivotal date of planetary forces. Given that hoaxers enjoy using the published work of my colleagues and myself against us (even if they do make a mess of it) I will not divulge what this occasion is, but I look forward to seeing the expressions of this moment throughout the fields next season. Regardless of country.

And all is exactly as it should be.