Text © Freddy Silva. Excerpts from the North American web sites, CCRN and CCN. My heartfelt thanks to the few people who continue to set aside politics and contribute their images to this site: Crop Circle Research.com Jeffrey Wilson, Lucy Pringle, et al.

For those in tune with subtle energies, back in February, the magnetic lines that criss-cross southern England were noticeably active, prompting one to believe that 2006 would see a dramatic shift in crop circles. However, this phenomenon is not that simple to predict: the genuine circles also require water as a fundamental element in their manifestation. So, with a drought well in progress it was predicted that this year would again see no activity.

Events have indeed shown this to be true. As with the two preceding years, no genuine circles appeared throughout southern Britain. This now makes the Ogbourne formation of 2003 the last major recorded event. In the meantime the genuine phenomenon continues to show up elsewhere around the world, as was also predicted many years ago.

There are several reasons why the phenomenon is behaving this way. First, as described in great detail in my book, the circles are a manifestation of thought from various forms of consciousness. Since they are working with formative principles of nature– light, sound, and magnetism– the crop circles, as physical expressions of a super-physical energy, appear when conditions are correct. Since water is a fundamental part of this process the drought of southern Britain has prevented the forms from manifesting. In my opinion, just two simple circles and rings– in Sussex and the Isle Of Wight– may have been genuine.

Secondly, the Sun is near Solar Minimum. That is, it's 22-year magnetic cycle is at its ebb. During this time the Sun's magnetic field is reversing, as is its magnetic polarity. These activities affect the solar wind and, consequently, the magnetic field of the Earth itself. Since the crop circles are working with the Earth's magnetic field, any change in this will influence the kind of manifestation that occurs. It is notable, too, that as the Sun's activity reverses, the genuine circles have decreased since 1998.

Hence the simple circles are, presently, all that is visible from this creative communication. It's as if a fine-tuning is taking place quietly across the Earth.

Thirdly, it is painfully obvious to many observers that the crop circles have been taken over by frivolous attention and commercial interests. I recall the early years when conferences used to be held to explain the latest research. Now, conferences are set up in expectation of a coming season, regardless of its merit. So, when the obvious man-made evidence appears on the ground it is brushed under the carpet because such news is just bad for business.

Commerce is not what the crop circles were ever about. Or, for that matter, frivolous interest. And that is why the Circlemakers are no longer communicating information in this format– people are losing sight of the reason why they are here, and their focus needs to be brought back to center.

Every year I see people waiting in anticipation for the upcoming season, becoming engrossed with every new event, and when that is over they eagerly await wait the following year's designs. But what have we learned? Nothing. The crop circles are in danger of being treated as a regular spectacle, and in taking this communication for granted we miss the purpose. And the purpose is the message to humanity, the technical and healing information they contain, and how can the knowledge be applied. That is another reason why the circles are presently on hiatus.

Fourthly, there is so much information still to be extracted from designs from prior decades that adding more information into fields will simply compound the decoding process. For the first time in the modern history of this phenomenon it is time to start looking back, not forward.

That said, it is also important to realize that several decades ago the Circlemakers mentioned "sometimes the conditions would not be right to lay down the patterns, so people will be used instead'. As confusing as this may seem, some hoaxed patterns do contain valuable information; this is not so difficult to accept if we acknowledge that our subconscious, when properly engaged with the local energy field, will pull into its imagination information that already exists on an ethereal level.

Over the course of the history of crop circles it has been fascinating to watch how hoaxers have pre-emptied genuine designs, and I believe that trend has continued. Some of the designs from 2006, while obviously culled from books on interference patterns, do demonstrate their makers were tuning-in to the present attitudes of the Earth's and the Sun's magnetic field; on another level one could also argue that the hoaxers are creating patterns that interfere with research.

When I was recently told that one of the previous year's 'Mayan' crop glyphs is a blatant representation of a blueprint for an energy device, it does bring home my point. Although hoaxed (the perpetrators were caught making them) those designs appeared to vector information already established as an idea in the local energy field and proceeded to draw that design, just as any inspired painter would do on a canvas. But what is poignant about this story is that, back in 1987, channeled information revealed how, by 2007, an energy machine based on anti-gravity would be discovered from crop circles. And the said Mayan glyph, so I am reliably informed, is this device. And it is indeed based on the principles of anti-gravity. At this stage I am not privileged to reveal any more because the rest of the story is confidential, and the originators of this material will reveal it when the time is right (so, please, no emails requesting more information, I must honour people's confidence here).

So it appears that the predictions are on track; the diminishing of the phenomenon over southern Britain, the rising of hoaxing, the emergence of the technical information from crop circles (next year ought to be very interesting indeed), and the increase of the phenomenon overseas. But before I get to the overseas part, I'll quickly detail what did happen in the UK.

The 'season' began with a messy design from attention-seeker, oops... that is "truthseeker" Matthew Williams, and commissioned by the Wiltshire Newspaper Gazette & Herald (who has in the past been given ample articles loaded with scientific evidence for the real phenomenon, by this author and others, only to see them replaced with skeptical articles). Apparently the experience so affected poor Matthew that he developed a bad case of hayfever and promptly announced his 'retirement' from hoaxing for the rest of the season. I'm sure he was sorely missed.

The hoaxing fraternity suffered a more serious set-back when a member of a locally-active team took his own life. Regardless of this individual's past criminal activities this is a tragic moment , and I, for one, hope this will never happen again. This phenomenon has always been about life-affirming forces, and despite all our opposing points of view, we must never lose sight of that. Condolences to Paul Obee.

I was equally incredulous when I read The Daily Telegraphs' (a leading newspaper in the UK) handling of this individual's tragic death, using the opportunity to explain the sudden "slump in agricultural artwork' and how his death contributed to a sullen mood in hoaxing camps. Please! These people hardly know each other. Perhaps the fact that southern Britain was in the grip of a record heat wave may have had more to do with it than the 'sullen mood'.

In keeping with the tradition of this web site not to give hoaxers more attention than they are already getting elsewhere, I am not posting any of their work unless it is to make a point, but in keeping with the spirit of openness you can see the images at either cropcircleresearch.com or cropcircleconnector.com.

The designs show that the hoaxers are running out of ideas. Many are poor copies of earlier, genuine designs, derivatives of previous man-made designs or simply things stolen from graphics books. The trick is simple: create a seemingly complex design by using a simple intersection of loops, then flattening alternative areas to create the illusion of a truly complex design. But look at the images and you'll see the damage to the crop and, more telling, the construction lines under it, which always gives the game away. And all UK designs of this year have them.

At Barbury Castle and Etchilhampton fields, these criminals and their sociopathic egos over-extended to the point where the designs were left unfinished, just the construction lines show. Perhaps they were caught trying to be too clever.

The hoaxers have learned to locate concealed fields for their work or, as is the case with a number of farmers in Wiltshire, they pay the farmer to avoid prosecution from criminal trespass and damage, allowing for more time (and daylight) to complete more complex work; the farmer then reaps the money from visitors. Sadly, this is what is really going on in 2006. You will not hear this at conferences, and I am not invited to present because, let's face it, I am bad for their business.

The situation throughout Europe is somewhat encouraging, with 78 formations. Simple circles with complex floor lays, such as in Hungary and France, were promising. Elsewhere, designs in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands followed the same man-made criteria as found in Britain, with only the simple circles showing any signs of authenticity or anomalies; a rash of 20 circles in Italy copied old, genuine UK designs, and most were crude. Incidentally, an Italian film crew helped in the making of one of the first Mayan crop circles near Silbury a few years ago, and I have argued that some of these visitors are responsible for a number of circles in the Avebury area since 2001. How coincidental that designs bearing virtually identical fingerprints are now appearing in Italy.

On a more constructive note, Greenpeace France was instructed to remove information about genetically engineered (GE) crop locations, so they created a crop circle in a field marking the location of "alien" maize. Now, there's someone using this phenomenon to positive effect. And with some humour to boot.

If there's a positive aspect for the year it comes from the other side of the world. Last year in Conondale, Australia, I was shown the location of an event which, despite any visible signs on the ground, could still be picked up energetically by people and instruments. To my amazement I received a communication in April of a new series of circles in tall grass just across the road. The orientation of the center line between the two circles was 4-degree west of magnetic north. This is significant in that genuine crop circles are known to deviate the local magnetic field by 4 degrees; also, the centers of the circles were offset, a feature that is inconsistent with man-made designs.

Two noted formations appeared in Canada: a large, geometric design in Provost, and in Armstrong, BC, a simple circle with curious, curled appendage- a feature common to Canadian designs over the years.

In the US, the number of incidences, together with anomalous features continues to rise. early in the season I received reports of circles in tall grass near Bangor, ME, not far from where I now live, but my hectic schedule prevented me from following up. In Huntingburg, IN, there appeared a strange circle with two 3/4 rings, and bearing strange 'antennae' and other part-geometric features (see diagram). What is of interest is that the lone elements of the design seemed to form part of a meaningful whole, concealing an unusual geometric array.

Meanwhile in Sandyville, OH, a group of kids were caught by the authorities and admitted to making a 'compass' design that had already been suspected as hoaxed. In Belleville, IL, a number of sightings of strange aerial lights followed the discovery of a series of circles on a soybean field, 7 on the south slope, 5 on the north. An investigation revealed that the majority of the plants were dead, and for the most part separated from their roots. Whatever caused this may not be part of the same phenomenon. Still in Illinois, a series of circles like a linear Celtic cross appeared in Geneseo. The farmer and the sheriff were adamant that this was not man-made due to the lack of entry paths into the soybean field, and the lack of damage to the plants themselves.

The end of the season in North America was punctuated by the largest simple circle ever discovered on the continent. The 133 ft circle in Beloit, KS, is still a testament to the ability of the Circlemakers to leave you breathless by creating a simple expression.

And that is precisely the point I began to make at the start of this report: that when we started to lose the plot in the research of this phenomenon we would need to be brought back to center, and nothing does that more convincingly than a non-complex pattern full of anomalies: The Beloit circle helps us focus on the prize because of its sheer punctuation amid a field of untouched, 7-foot tall sorghum; no entry paths; beside a water source; atop limestone, a water bearing rock so favoured by crop circles; and beside an ancient native American sacred site, the Great Spirit Spring.

I always maintained that, should this phenomenon ever reach a conclusion, it would be book-ended by simple circles- the symbol of all there is, the alpha and omega. Whether the Circlemakers have given us all the information we requested is another matter but certainly the phenomenon is speaking once again in simple tones, just as it did when records first began in 1678.

Perhaps it is an important reminded to hold that vision that, behind all the distraction and the confusion generated to keep us from seeing the bigger picture, the power of the Great Spirit is still guiding us, no matter where in the world we choose to find it.

Be aware, be focused, and be prepared to seek the truth that lies below what is being presented.