Text © Freddy Silva.

From their peak in 1999, genuine crop circles have slowly decreased in number each successive season. This 2008 season has been exceptional, for out of 133 world reports, the evidence shows that only two appear to be genuine, leading to an assumption that crop circles have reached a dormant phase

For some time I have professed that the bulk of the circlemakers’ information has been transmitted— the last complex design having appeared in 2003— and that it is up to us to look back at that information and work out how to implement it.

Isabelle Kingston, perhaps the first person in modern times to accurately channel the origin of the crop circles, accurately predicted the rise of this new phenomenon in the 1980s and 90s, the coming of hoaxing, the reduction of the phenomenon in Britain and its rise abroad—particularly in North America— and the completion of transmission and the decoding of information by 2007. So far all this is right on cue.

What information has been extracted from he crop circles so far is also proving her correct:

1. Technical information. A group of scientists in Britain decoded mathematics from one glyph which led to designs for an anti-gravity device. Plans to build this are still at funding stage, as far as I have been made aware. The same situation exists in America, where Chris Hardemann has built a replica of the 1991 Barbury Castle tetrahedron in his garage in Oklahoma, and found it to levitate (he has since gone very quiet on the matter). In Australia, a group of scientists has built another anti-gravity device based on blueprints from crop circles, and I am reliably informed that they will soon go public with this information.

2. Healing. Over 800 people claim to have been healed through contact with crop circles: either directly, or by ingesting seeds or watching their images. Based on my experience with the Institute of Resonance Therapy, after many years of trials I devised the Crop Circles Resonance Cards as a way of taking the energy of crop circles to people who do not have the opportunity to see them. So far I have heard from people who’ve been cured of retinal tumours, bone cancer, arthritis, and cigarette addiction. Two kinesiologists have used the cards to treat people beyond the wealth of treatment modalities at their disposal. Thanks to the pioneering work of Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of physics in St. Petersburg, these cards have been analyzed through his bioelectrographic device to reveal a biophoton energy field is retained in the cards, which are linked energetically to the original crop circles. (I will not be revealing how this process is done so as to maintain the purity of this technique which is bringing much relief to people.)

3. Advanced mathematics. In the face of the hoaxers and their allies in the media, the discovery of five new mathematical theorems based on Euclidean geometry, and a sixth based on Ptolemy’s Theorem of Chords, we see proof of a high intellectual profile at work in genuine circles.

This is the tip of the iceberg of discoveries already achieved in crop circles research, and I point this out for the benefit of those who will lose heart at reading the litany of stupidity that was the 2008 season.

It began slowly. By the end of May only six glyphs had appeared, each one based on designs from previous years. Then on June 1st, editor Nick Nicholson made an innocuous discovery near the Neolithic hill fort of Barbury Castle that would have repercussions later in the day. He discovered the outlines of an unfinished ratchet-style design, complete with errors: a design that looked like a practise run for something else. That something else appeared later in the day, two fields away from where the famous 1991 Barbury Castle glyph had once appeared.

This new glyph quickly circulated throughout the world’s media, and certainly captured their otherwise cynical attention. The astronomical physicist Michael Reed found that this clever ratchet glyph expresses Pi to ten decimal places. Which is indeed clever, except that the design, clearly borrowed from the ratchet design that was part of the earlier crop circle at the same site, tells us nothing we don’t already know and is mathematically and geometrically inferior to its predecessor of 17 summers ago. And on top of that, two months after it appeared I was able to visit and still see the construction lines made by its human creators.

Even despite the lack of physical evidence to support a genuine glyph, let us assume this glyph is the real thing. The digits encoded here give Pi to Base 10. As pointed out by readers of The Times, the decimal base is arbitrary. It would be more mind-boggling to give back Pi that reads in any base. Besides, the decimal system is a convenient system and does not have the accuracy found in, say, the Egyptian cubit system, even the Imperial system based on the division of 12. No advanced culture would employ such a system that is not perfectly in synch with the measure of a planet, and other forms of nature. Which is why, so I’ve been told, pure mathematicians do not work with decimal.

Genuine crop circles, let us not forget, increase our understanding from season to season. To date, the original glyph of 1991 has revealed the fundamental workings of life, the 5:6:7 ratio responsible for self-aware life on a planet, hyper-dimensional physics and an advanced propulsion system. To create a new design 17 years later that offers back something as basic as Pi is redundant.

Interesting, then, that genuine crop circles seek to raise human awareness and development just as hoaxers represent its retarding.

The second observation of the 2008 crop circles season is that 99% were made during weekends. I had joked to a colleague that with the UK economy in recession chances were that people would stay in Britain for the summer holidays. Given the epidemic of hoaxing that came between June and September, I wonder just how close to the truth that was. At times it became laughingly predictable: I suggested we look for a rash of hoaxes over the August Bank Holiday, and presto; on the much anticipated New Age date of 8.8.08, I said a hoax would be made using those numerical values one field beside Alton Barnes. I was wrong: it was two fields away, yet based on the numerical theme of 8. And all complete with construction lines.

The third observation is how so many man-made patterns were lifted from older, genuine designs but lacking the finesse of their predecessors. Others simply re-hashed previous work. In a number of cases there were half-finished designs, abandoned designs with errors, and a few ambitious designs which were embellished and completed during successive evenings— such as the nonsensical ‘swallows’ in Alton Priors.

Despite all these detractions, it is still my pleasure to travel the world promoting the genuine phenomenon. It is my passion, my calling, and I will do it to best of my ability. It is a rare privilege to be in service to something of great and positive potential to the human race. However, I will not sugar-coat the evidence, I will call a spade a spade, and in he face of new findings I will adjust my position to incorporate new developments in our understanding of this phenomenon. This is to be open-minded.

I am often asked by people wishing to visit England how to tell a hoax from a genuine crop circle. My simple answer is to first look under the flattened crop and look for construction lines— lines barely a foot wide used by people to outline the blueprint of the design, which is then flattened over the top, much like young children learning to draw. Create the outline and fill in the rest. Just this simple exercise will help you determine whether you are wasting your time on false hope, or you are actually interacting with the magic that is the real thing. Hopefully, like me, you will experience the latter. And you will never forget it.

Certainly there are people uncovering information in hoaxes. And even if much of it is misguided, some of it is of value, especially when a symbol illuminates a certain truth. A large pattern at Etchilhampton resembling a Celtic cross (and full of construction lines) has lead people to read up on that culture and its wealth of wisdom. Such an endeavour, then, is useful in raising our understanding of a spiritual subject.

Let us not forget that medieval alchemists, too, mistakenly looked to transmute base metal into gold (in truth a metaphor for the transformation of the base human into an enlightened being) but instead founded the revival of chemistry! Thus, nothing is wasted.

I’d like to challenge to hoaxers to put themselves in the position of the farmers, with their burden of government regulations, market pressures, market downturns, slim profits, high food costs, and all the other ailments that make growing food for a living a very poor choice in this day and age. Consider how you are compounding their stress and anxiety by damaging their livelihood. Look in the mirror and ask yourselves: it is really worthwhile aggravating their already burdened lives. How would you feel if it was YOUR life?

There must be other, more productive avenues into which to channel such creative (if criminal) energy. But thanks to the enthusiasts who are now misguidedly perpetuating the hoaxers' work, this status quo will most likely continue. Remember, as long as hoaxers get publicity, they will continue to propagate. And until the people promoting erroneous information on crop circles at conferences and on the internet learn to tell the difference between what is right and what is fake, the frivolous interest in crop circles will replace understanding, and the status quo remains.

One reader of The Times summed it up in their discussion page following the ‘Pi’ crop circle, "this was done for the reason you're all leaving comments now." Attention-seeking.

Readers of my work will have noted that in recent years I have stopped showing hoax images— unless I am making a point— so as to deny these sociopaths the attention they crave. I challenge all other websites to consider adopting a similar position.

There were two crop circles worth noting in 2008. The first was in Holland, once again predicted by the young Robert van der Brooke, who has a knack of connecting with the circlemaking source with whom he seems to share an intimate relationship. This year the design was a simple celtic cross-type (also the symbol of the carbon molecule, the symbol of humanity) which shows the very elegant golden ratio spiral used by nature (the mathematical spiral known as phi). Genuine circles tend to use natural elements in an intelligently guided manner. And this is a good example.

The second crop circle appeared in British Columbia, and is still a matter of some discussion. Despite being discovered quite some time after its creation in tall grasses, the plants still revealed massive apical node elongation, typical of genuine circles. Four weeks after the initial creation the plant lay was still fluid and consistent with both the natural interaction of energy in landscapes as well as genuine crop circles. Since the land belongs to a conservation trust, the official explanation was that the design was made by students from a local Waldorf school. Given the superior teachings of the Waldorf system, I would not argue with this view were it not for the lack of mechanical damage present in the tall grasses, not to mention they would have chosen a far more suitable material to work with. Still, no evidence has surfaced of human involvement, least of all because the design appears to have been created from the outside-in rather from center-out.

This toroid design is a near-identical replica to one from England in 2000. But in this new version a triangle and some spheres have been added to the interior. I would suggest the answer lies in this addition.

Thus, we have, in my opinion, entered the dormant phase of the most important communication to take place between the invisible universe and humanity in our time. As I mentioned last year, the circles are not here to entertain, to be used for frivolous interest or for the benefit of a small group of self-appointed ‘researchers’ whose sole interest is to cash-in on podium power or merchandising, just like the leeches who turned the original works of individuals such as Jesus into marketable commodities. Crop circles are given to raise human potential to its highest potential. To keep searching through what was offered us right up to 2003 is to look for a true vein of gold. A gold that nourishes the soul and elevates this, our human endeavour.

As a final note of comfort to demonstrate that the crop circles may already have done their work to enlighten the human race, consider that this year the Vatican publicly admitted that it is perfectly acceptable to believe in aliens.

There is always hope.