Text © Freddy Silva 1997. Photos © Freddy Silva, Colin Andrews, Steve Alexander


The elegance and precision in the patterns of 1995 more than compensated for the fact that formations had decreased in number for the first time in the history of the phenomenon. Just as previous years had seen a theme in designs, so 1995 appeared to follow a particular focus. This was the year when the Circlemakers showed a preoccupation with atoms, magnetic fields and solar systems. Four formations across Hampshire began with a simple circle surrounded by a string of beads, only to be followed by a more stylized version which appeared to show actual, off-centered orbits where the paths laid by the downed wheat was no more than 5 inches wide. This was superceded at Ropley by the most complex design to date, comprising 98 circles, varying in width from 1-15 ft, arranged in a seemingly random circular pattern within which was again laid a depiction of planets in orbit around a central sun. Again the orbit rings, barely discernible in the above shots, were thin bands of gently and precisely laid barley, a brittle and most unusual plant to use for such precision.

But the true star of the year was a recognizable 240-ft wide depiction of the inner solar system which was to keep mathematicians and astronomers busy for some years. The planets and the sun were placed with exact orbital ratios using thin bands of upright crop. The sphere sizes themselves were also depicted with amazing life-likeness, albeit in smaller scale. All except the Earth which was missing. Prof. Gerald Hawkins was later to work out that the whole design contained significant mathematical equations pertaining to diatonic ratios, eventually to find that by focusing on Mars a certain date was being given. His idea was that the Circlemakers had taken Earth out of the equation to tell us that they knew where we were, and wished us to focus on some other planet. He looked at the primary planetary positions over a hundred year period and found three best fits. The first was November 1903, when the Wright Brothers discovered a plane could fly; the next was July 11, 1971, when Mariner 9, the first space probe to orbit Mars, was on its way to said planet. A coincidence? Perhaps not. The difference between the two occurrences was 67 years which coincided with the number of 'asteroids' orbiting the design.

A higher level of cooperation was also seen between researchers, for the first time since the mass hoaxing and deception tactics which had left a lot of bad feeling between all factions. With the arrival of several patterns mimicking magnetic energy and atomic structures more people of a scientific background began to take notice of possible information encoded into the designs. Other elegant patterns demonstrated symbols of fertility, such as the union of male and female energy at Cheesefoot Head.

The artistry of designs was beyond compare. In the middle of Andrew Lloyd Webber's farm appeared a five-petal flower whose design seemed to have motion as the perfectly unharmed crop glistened in the sun. When a group of researchers tried to approach the well-monitored field (which has microphones hidden in hergerows) they were immediately caught by security; yet the creators had operated undetected. Then at Lichfield, in full view of the busy A34, there appeared a stunning 240-ft wide Celtic torque pattern encompassing a series of standing rings, not all of equal thickness. Given the pristine state of the design it was illogical that the Circlemakers had made an error. But when an accurate aerial photo was analyzed by Hawkins (who had already found four mathematical theorems in crop circle patterns), it emerged that these rings were so placed to reveal a monumental breakthrough in geometry. For here was a crop circle containing the equilateral branch of Gerald's new Fifth Theorem, from which not only all the others were derived, but which to this day over 300,000 scientists and mathematicians have never been able to disprove.

Not only were the Circlemakers now capable of advanced artistry but they also possessed an uncanny intellect.