A final report by Freddy Silva. Photos © Lucy Pringle, Richard Wintle, Busty Taylor, Colin Andrews, Steve Alexander, AJ Samuels, John Sayer.

Back in 1985, a young bank liaison officer started receiving messages clairvoyantly from a group consciousness who had guided humanity for millennia, the very same beings who were immortalized by the Egyptians and Celts. They asked Isabelle Kingston to move to the Silbury Hill area of England, where signs of their new guidance for humanity would be appearing. Shortly after, crop circles began crowding the ancient landscape like a venerable homecoming. Thirteen years and some ten thousand crop circles later, it seems this year The Watchers are embarking on a closing phase of crop circles upon the fields of England. A new phase will start in two years.

The season began with a modest formation at Weyhill: two overlapped circles with rings. But when an analysis of the internal geometry was applied, a code was given for what was to come- heptagonal geometry, the most difficult of all geometrical forms; it is the essence of the Universe, the geometry of the soul, and representational of the intervals of the pure music scale.

Back at Silbury, one of the most striking designs to date appeared beside the West Kennett long barrow in bright yellow oil seed rape (canola)– a flowered ring bearing 33 'S' petals : a mystical number, symbolic of the 33 Degrees of Freemasonry, the number of vertebrae in the spine, the sum of all knowledge, the age of Christ on his physical death. Each petal required the bisecting of angles at increments of 10.909090º. By the conventions of gematria this condenses to 1089, one of the principal dimensions of the New Jerusalem plan.

A Scottish photographer, out taking photographs of the setting moon over the said long barrow, drove past the site at 3 AM; he came back an hour later to find this beautiful sight. Local residents reported severe power outages prior to the event, local radio stations went out. A TV crew who went to the formation pooh-pooing the whole episode were shocked to find all their equipment had malfunctioned inside the design; in a separate incident, a tape recorder would speed up as soon as it entered the formation but reverted to its normal speed when placed well away. This was repeated a number of times with similar results.

The excitement continued with an elegant design in the relatively quiet surroundings of Hampshire, where most circle tourists rarely venture, giving dedicated researchers more opportunity to study the phenomenon in its pristine condition. But all this was short-lived. The whole of May and most of June saw the phenomenon give way to the largest and most embarrassing barrage of hoaxing since 1992 (when serious efforts were underway at official level to discredit the phenomenon). Nothing was spared as primitive and careless designs were trampled across all primary fields that had, in years past, hosted the real thing. This criminal activity further aggravated hard-pushed farmers enduring one of the wettest and windiest summers in living memory. The vandalism added insult to injury and a criminal investigation was launched to catch the perpetrators.

This was going to be the year when the forces of light and dark associated with the crop circles were to be at their greatest polarity.

On July 7 appeared the first of the predicted sevenfold patterns, below Danebury Hill fort. The Stockbridge formation was a meticulous seven-cusped wheel, energetically aligned to the hillfort and an ancient track which could just be seen between a gap in the trees surrounding the field. As with all genuine formations it dowsed in line with the flow of the wheat. A sound could also be heard here. A message channeled within this formation revealed this position as "a listening post. Sound maintains the balance... a place to ascertain your balance between spirit and matter." Later it was discovered that the influential leader of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski, had been buried in the nearby village.

Meanwhile near the Avebury complex someone had etched out a crop circle for an advertisement for Hamlet cigars. Later, the fabled East Field played host to a car crop circle ad for Mitsubishi- the phenomenon now finds itself ironically amidst materialist messages, the very antithesis of its existence. On July 8th, presumably while no one was on watch above the East Field, a major sevenfold design materialized; over 9000 sq. feet of crop downed, with erratically-placed outer circles. A complete lack of electromagnetic energy raised suspicions, although early visitors to the site noticed many genuine trademarks on the ground. So, a very well executed hoax, or a new type of design? The jury is out.

It was two days later that a local farmer was astonished to see two levels of the cloudbase part in abrupt circular fashion, "as if a glass tube had been sent down from the sky." The next day a dragon-type of formation appeared at Lockeridge. It carried the most enlightening message: "The time is at hand for transformation. Learn from the wise serpent as he sheds his old skin to begin a new life. So must all of you- don't look to what has been, look ahead." Curiously, a tail of small circles appears to have been added later.

We met the psychic Isabelle Kingston a few days later and she pointed out that the design appeared beside the location where her group had opened up the dragon energy of the land. Several formations of the year were later to appear as affirmation of her group's work with energizing sacred sites.

In Hampshire, formations embellished the theme of interlocking circles and rings, but as pretty as they were, they contained little signs of the genuine phenomenon.

On July 17 a bizarre design appeared below the White Horse at Cherhill in Wiltshire. Invisible from the road, hidden by the surrounding wind damage lay one of the most powerful designs of the year, again in response to another of Kingston's openings. A complex array of eighteen circles arranged like a brain made up one section; lying uphill was an eightfold snaking ribbon connected to a large semi-circle. At the base of the ribbon, a snake-head connected to a native American venom sack, spewing forth a tight grapeshot where the vortex had rotated the plants almost two feet above the ground. Iroquois native Willie Lone Bear described it as the essence of the creative life force manifesting matter through the application of kundalini energy. Incredibly, it tallied with channeled information at the site: "This is the energy of fire. Through the controlled and expanded application of kundalini energy, your eyes will be opened to the truth of the new reality that is before you. Male and female polarities must join together in balance to complete the whole." Another fascinating aspect of this design was the dowsing response- the rods rapidly responded to the waveform of the design, opening and closing appropriately to denote positive/negative energetic reaction. But what about the figure eight represented by the number of curves in the path and the venom sack? "This is the eight house," said Willie Lone Bear, "death and transformation." A pattern was now emerging, more pointers to a completion in the crop circle cycle.

Three weeks went by with further insults to the farming community. On July 26, the well-choreographed team of Dickinson, Lundberg and Rusell (Team Satan/the circlemakers, just to confuse the issue), went to work below Milk Hill, this time for the BBC, in a re-enactment of their notorious exercise for NBC in New Zealand earlier in the year (read background to this sad group of mischiefmakers). After giving crop watchers the slip, and aided by local police, they proceeded to mark out a simple grouping of over 100 circles- a far cry from their effort downunder, which had required two enormous lights suspended from 40-ton cranes. Once again the media was able to pull the wool over the public's eyes. As always, to the trained eye, the evidence of man's involvement was all over the field. Dave Bower, surviving member of the infamous duo, also lent a hand nearby for the cameras, this time replicating a design that once killed the weather theory and changed the course of the phenomenon back in 1989. Not only was the man unable to complete the simple four-latticed circle, but he also required the enlistment of the other group next door because he miscalculated the measurement of his simple, 30 ft circle!