Photos © Lucy Pringle, Steve Alexander, Colin Andrews

The first week of August continued with skillful hoaxes at Lockeridge and Beckhampton, the latter resembling a 'stingray'. It became clear that the hoaxers had now become extremely well organized and accomplished at their 'craft', even applying new forms of floor lay- one person working the crop in a three foot batch forward while an accomplice wove it from the side; of course, it also helped that the farmer had been paid and given permission, allowing for a relaxed working atmosphere, free from prosecution. Yet none of these crop circles provided any electromagnetic energy anomalies. This was not the case when a real double pentagram crop circle appeared beside it a few days later, which dowsed an enormous ring 108ft outside the pattern (there were no less than four external rings of energy).

My partner, Jane Ross, was noticeably moved by this crop circle since it confirmed the 'shards of glass' design she had premonished. She had also been given instruction that circles from this time could be very disruptive energy-wise (due to the ever-increasing levels of EM), and to take precautions. We had already begun to feel noxious before entering and could only manage a short stay within its perimeter to take the necessary notes and samples. I did manage to detect no less than 22 radial lines of energy emanating from the centre of the design, high magnetic readings and compass disorientation before I developed serious headache, pressure, and mass dehydration- the first time in five years. We left.

Further south at Stowell appeared another sevenfold design. The construction and the anomalies were far more clear than its counterpart a few miles away. Here the energy was invigorating, just as with its earlier cousin at Stockbridge, and could be felt two miles away when I went out for a walk at Woodborough Hill (from where you could not see the design). It dowsed numerous radial lines. Each grouping of grapeshot circles within each of the seven enclosures contained the paths of the lines- the large circles contained the positive line, the mid-size the negative, and the small circles the neutral. None of this had been present in the East Field crop circle, even thought the two shared the same basic blueprint.

Seven, of course, is the creative force of the Universe, more commonly seen in the music scale, the colours of the rainbow, etc. Jane's channeled message here also provided enlightment- "The elemental essence of Prahna is revealed in this design. The tone your hear (we could actually hear three overtones) is the vibration of breath. Use this tone, this design to enhance the life-force- the Prahna of all things. In so doing, the living connection between all things can be perceived more readily, felt more easily on a vibrational level. As you breathe-in true Prahna so shall you see reality more clearly." We recorded these tones.

On August 9, nine people (no intentional coincidence) performed a closing ceremony at The Sanctuary, originally the head of the Avebury standing stone avenue. Nine days later, what became the season close materialized beside this location- a grouping of three outer rings with six inner petals. A confirmation?

I sat with Isabelle Kingston, reminiscing about the year's events and the history of the Circlemakers in general. She has been the foremost terrestrial contact with the main body of the Circlemakers – The Watchers. She has successfully predicted where the designs have appeared each year, some of their physical attributes and the messages that accompany their purpose. I asked if there had been any other messages from The Watchers since 1989, when the main body of their communication to humanity took place.

Their task all along has been to show the way by subtly transforming people's consciousness through the subconscious messages contained in the crop circles. This at least has been achieved to a certain degree, for no matter what the detractors involved with this phenomenon are at present, it has succeeded in uniting thousands of people from different cultures, social levels and professions to work together in understanding what the crop circles are about, and how they can be utilized for improving life on Earth. The Watchers' directive, though, is not to intervene- they cannot contradict Universal Law through direct involvement. So it's up to us to take the information we have been given and apply it for the good of humanity, to help regain our balance with Earth. It's up to us.

Isabelle indicated that there will be a shift to other designs in the fields in coming years, as other consciousness come in to add their say; the Watchers had stated early on that the phenomenon would evolve in a different form at some point.

As the season draws to a close I am personally invigorated by the support and confirmation from these higher sources, and the challenge of applying all this knowledge to the betterment of the world we live in. I'm also aware of the irony that during this year a determined effort was underway to ground all pilots involved with crop circles research- the very backbone of the operation. We have no idea how many formations went unrecorded because of the near-blackout on aerial reconnaissance.

A shift took place this year. Welcome to the next level.