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An interesting thing happened on the way to a crop circle. One of the last formations to appear in 1998 was a striking, 208 ft diameter double pentagram and pentagon, ancient symbol of healing and regeneration much revered by the Egyptians and Pythagoreans. My colleague and I were rather startled by the amount of energy pouring out of this fresh design, even though we were a quarter of a mile away. For the first time in years of field research we were hard-pushed to complete the ground analysis due to the torturous pressure to the head and body, not to mention the excessive dehydration that later required the downing of six pints of water; the feeling left us dulled and out-of-sorts for the rest of the day. Despite the physical ailments associated with this design I managed to complete a survey of the energy structure through dowsing (my thanks to farmer Steven Horton for permission to enter his field).


Fig 1. What we see here in orange is an accurate pictogram of the Beckhampton design, taken from a corrected aerial photo. As I left the formation I dowsed for rings of energy, if any, outside the formation. I discovered four of these, the outermost lying some 110ft away in the field. These rings are denoted in red, above. What is immediately striking is their resemblance to the crop circles laid down around this area in 1988. I had absolutely no idea at the time why these four rings lay where they were. All I knew was that they lay there invisibly and I was getting sicker by the moment. My colleague Jane Ross wrote down all the measurements I gave as I discovered them; the high accuarcy of this diagram is possible thanks to additional ground measurements by Andreas Muller.


Fig 2. Something about this array said 'regenerative' by instinct. So I applied the fixed rules of sacred geometry and began to play. Why was the first ring where it was? The answer took a while but it was most rewarding. As you can see, it demarcates the edge of the hidden geometry generated by the points of the two physical stars, the outermost of which does NOT touch the edge of the crop formation. This creates a perfect ten-pointed star, evoking patterns sacred to Islam.


Fig 3. Surprise number two came when I discovered that the diameter of the second ring is generated by a pentagram relative to the perimeter of the crop circle. By regenerating these pentagons, the other rings are established. These laws are unalterable, I cannot make this up. And remember, this geometry was discovered six weeks AFTER the dowsing, eliminating the possibility of auto-suggestion.


Fig 4. By adding the relevant pentagrams we can now see the relationship to the physical design and how these invisible patterns are generated by the physical one. (Take your time looking at the maze of lines, it can get very confusing at first.)


Fig 4. The composite image reveals the complex array of regenerative geometry which corroborates the positioning of the energy rings are harmonics of the physical crop circle. The question is, does this exercise scientifically legitimize dowsing ? I would say so. Just as the dowsing corroborates the ability of the Circlemakers to use sacred geometry and its harmonious laws to great effect.

There is one more diagram to ponder over...


In dowsing, you have to specifically ask what it is you are looking for, and then concentrate- be objective. Earlier I had been dowsing for concentric rings; now I searched for radial lines of energy emanating from the center of the circle. To my astonishment I came across 22. The diagram above shows their relative position at the perimeter of the formation, their compass bearings, and their subsequent relationship to the visible pattern.

Anyone involved with radionic therapy will see the resemblance to the radial patterns on the cards used in Malcolm Rae's radionic devices. Ironically, there's an institute in Germany which has successfully replaced these cards with crop circle images to achieve similar results in healing people or environments in distress. I certainly encourage anyone in these areas to study this area of research, as there may be enormous healing benefits to society and planet available within the structure of genuine crop circles.


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