Text, images and diagrams © Freddy Silva 1999

This crop circle appeared in the East Field at Alton Priors in early May 1999, on the closing day of the Aztec calendar. The serpent, being the symbol of Quetzcoatl and the creative energy of the Earth, is rather apt for a dowsing survey which attempted to study the lines of geodetic energy in a complex, non-circular crop circle.


As I have already mentioned, a genuine crop circle will dowse at any point along its perimeter, showing that a type of shielding device is in place. My colleague Paul Vigay often detects sudden surges of EM frequency at these points, and cellular phones are known to lose all connection the moment they cross this barrier.

The above diagram is a simplified version of a fuller dowsing survey. Here I have kept to linear motions of geodetic energy. Normally, crop circles will lie at the crossing points of two lines- the node- but in 1999 several patterns utilized three. In this case, the line running from bottom to top (West to East) was generated by an earlier crop circle barely two miles away; you can see how these lines relate to the physical design, and how at each end the polarity is positive, with negatively-charged lines in-between.

The lines running left to right (north to south) are generated by Silbury Hill in the North, and reference the body of the serpent before rambling southward towards the summit of Picked Hill. Ironically, many ancient sites in the area reference the constellation Draco.

At this point you can see that some of these N-S-E-W lines cross at a series of nine sets of 'ripples'. Each of these eddies of energy were referenced on the ground by small, three foot-wide vortices of swirled crop, comprising three polarities: ground/neutral in the centre, negative first ring, positive outer ring.

The real surprise came when dowsing the head of the serpent, for not only was this aligned in an unusual way to the rest of the design, the line of energy was able to predict the location of the forthcoming crop circle, some ten miles away. Once again, you can see how the lines reference the physical design.

The same technique was used in the construction of ancient sites, whose dimensions and stone placings visibly mark the currents of geodetic energy; the same was later adopted throughout Christian churches, whose structures conceal an energetic blueprint. At these sites, the combination of earth energy and sacred geometry was used to generate specific electromagnetic frequencies that were used to either heal physical ailments or alter the awareness of the individual into an altered state. Such a purpose is still embodied in the etymology of the Christian church which built many of its structures upon 'pagan' sites: there's the en-trance (usually positioned above a spiral of energy, and the altar (alter) where the energy is at its most beneficial. Rather interesting that a location once open to anyone is now solely the standing place of a priest or bishop!

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