T4 (Andrews catalogue)

Theorem I is the first crop theorem found, June 8, 1988. By rule 2 (see Definitions), the DIATONIC RATIO of the areas of the outer and inner concentric circles is 16/3, note F in the 3rd octave. By rule 1, the ratio of satellite diameter to center circle diameter is 1:1, note C. Since there are 3 tangents the geometry is repeated by rotation 3 times. Field measurements by Andrews and Delgado agree with this photogrammetry.

T359 (Andrews catalog)

Crop theorem II and then two applications of theorem III make the area of the outer circle 16 times bigger than the area of the inner disc. 4 X 2 X 2 = 16, which is note C in the 5th octave. Are the circle makers confirming these theorems with the embellishment of the 16 small satellites?


Text © Gerald Hawkins

Photos, photo corrections & diagrams © Freddy Silva 1995 1996. Except photo of T4 ©Colin Andrews.


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