Crop circles and their psychic connection

Images © Freddy Silva, Richard Wintle, Colin Andrews

While most of the information on this site has so far dealt with left-brain evidence, the most fascinating area of research involves the psychic connection between people and the Circlemakers. In terms of credibility it is perhaps the most controversial area of research, but I include it because we must be open to all possibilities if we are to figure out this incredible phenomenon. Laboratory science represents one end of the crop circle spectrum and it's only fair to balance this with channeling work at the other.

I am aware of the implications when I connect the word 'psychic' to this phenomenon due to what I call 'the kook factor'. Clairvoyance is a subject that has over the years attracted a large number of detractors. Credibility problems have compounded over the last three centuries by the rise in our mechanistic, Newtonian way of thinking; as a race we stopped connecting to the subconscious flow of universal life, relying instead on rational/scientific explanations. This has inevitably led us down a dangerous cultural cul-de-sac which has left us divorced from the unseen forces of nature. Ironically, at a time when church attendance is at its lowest, crop circles have begun to manifest.

Much scientific work by both the American and Russian military concludes that psychic ability exists; the CIA is known to use remote viewing/influencing; the Czech Army went as far as to print a book on ESP, remote viewing and dowsing. Today, psychics are enjoying a resurgence as more people with intuitive abilities are used to help the police and industry solve problems when 'normal' methods failed to do the job.

If we look at the human mind as a collection of waveforms and frequencies, it is possible to see how people have the capacity to see beyond normal limitations. The typical 'awake' brain works at a frequency of 30 Hz; when a psychic's brain is at work it has a frequency of 7.5 Hz. Interestingly, stone chambers and Gothic cathedrals produce frequencies which act on brainwave patterns and effectively drive down the brain's frequency towards the 7.5 Hz range. Such facilities are also present within crop circles. And since it has been established that crop circles are sited upon the same electromagnetic energy grid as ancient churches, cathedrals, stone circles, dolmens and other Neolithic sites, there is clear evidence that the effects upon the brainwave states of visitors has a pre-designed affect. So when crop circles visitors report heightened states of awareness, even a development of psychic ability, they should perhaps be taken more seriously.

In the early eighties, when the phenomenon was still presenting itself in simple circular shapes, it was observed how the phenomenon reacted to the thoughts of researchers. In one notable incidence, researcher Colin Andrews recalls how, after a day spent in a circle and pondering its cause, he cried out in frustration, "God, if only you'd give me a clue as to how these were formed." Within seconds, a high-pitched trilling sound surrounded him in ever-increasing volume. The same sound was witnessed and taped on several occasions at other locales, the most famous case involving the BBC cameramen who succeeded in capturing the sound on tape before a £35,000 camera fried. This sound was eventually confirmed by NASA's JPL as mechanical in nature, and containing a harmonic of 5.2 kHz.

In two separate incidences both Colin and pilot Busty Taylor predicted actual events; Colin had dreamt of a Celtic cross pattern, never before seen. The following morning a local farmer telephoned him to report a Celtic cross crop circle had materialized in a field beside Colin's home. In Busty's case, he had been doing aerial reconnaissance with a colleague when he remarked, "all we need right now is to see all the designs that have appeared so far rolled up into a Celtic cross." The next day he flew over the exact same field where 24 hours earlier he had uttered this remark and below lay a perfect Celtic cross. Coincidence?

They were not the only ones to have predicted designs before they appeared in the fields. Noted author Barbara Hand Clow vectored an unusual design as she began to work on a new book related to consciousness. The next day, the same design appeared beneath Barbury Castle- the most complex design to date (right), one of the most important esoteric, philosophic and Qabbalistic symbols and certainly not an archetypal symbol.

In 1992 a scientific experiment was conducted to see if some type of subconscious communication was indeed going on between certain individuals and the Circlemakers. In a closed experiment by Steven Greer/ C.S.E.T.I., four researchers, and psychic Maria Ward, the team agreed to project a design. Sitting at night at the summit of Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire (which coincidentally stands on a geodetic line connected to Avebury stone circle), the group spontaneously agreed to project a pattern consisting of three circles arranged in triangular fashion. Maria suggested adding straight lines to the center of each circle at the last minute. Upon agreement the thought sequence began.

The following morning a report came in of the projected image having materialized some miles away as a crop circle, below Oliver's Castle (also on a major geodetic line). The match was identical. Mathematician Gerald Hawkins, who had already proved that certain crop circles contained geometrical theorems based on Euclid, proved this crop circle contained a diatonic ratio, a mathematical relationship never found in hoaxed patterns. But the story doesn't end there. Across the Atlantic, a gentleman in New York State had previously contacted CPRI about a dream on June 28 that a crop circle consisting of three circles connected by three paths within an equilateral format would appear in England on the 23rd July. This was indeed the same pattern that was discovered on the morning of the 24th during the CSETI/CPRI operation.

A similar experiment was carried out a year later by members of the Mars Mission, Collette Dowell and Carl Munck, along with a small group of researchers and highly respected channelers. The basis of Project Mind Link was to create the crop circle, then sit inside it and project the design- made according to specific mathematical equations. A month later a formation bearing a striking similarity to the projected design appeared in Guildford, Surrey. The design rearranged the circular features and placed them within the triangle. Some would see this as simply too coincidental, yet consider that this crop circle was itself a mathematical theorem, one of Gerald Hawkins' Euclidean-based new crop circles theorems. The group had projected a mathematical idea and received one in return. The size of the crop circle was exactly 100 times the size of the one made by the group, and used an obscure system of measurement, the Megalithic Yard.

One person who has repeatedly been in contact with crop circles energies is Isabelle Kingston. The gifted daughter of a doctor, Isabelle had a successful career in banking and finance before getting the call to develop her channeling skills. She is a modest, self-effacing person who readily admits she is the unlikeliest person to have had any kind of dealings with the supernatural, let alone the Circlemakers. Today she is world-renowned for her sensitive abilities. She shuns that self-appointed ego which surrounds many mediums; she plays down 'mysterious powers', and makes no outrageous claims. She is a normal human being, straightforward and honest.

Since 1984 she has received detailed accounts from the Circlemakers concerning events prior to their unfolding: she has consistently predicted the physical appearance of each year's designs, their locations and their timings. Her work is done both lucidly and in a state of trance but never inside crop circles since, she claims, the energies are simply too strong for her. Her communications are often witnessed and taped.

The bulk of her communication comes from a group consciousness named The Watchers, who have guided humanity for thousands of years. A reference to these beings can be traced back to the Egyptian Gods, the Neteru (literary translates as the Shining Ones, synonimous with the Watchers). They were behind the construction of many of our sacred sites, especially Silbury Hill (coincidentally, Sil-bury means 'hill of the shining ones').

These sites were erected as an insurance policy at a future time when humanity would be in need of help. And that time is now.

According to the channeled information, crop circles are places of power which are linked to natural elements for the purpose of charging the energy grid, which will enable the environment and humanity to overcome the present crisis. It is a stabilizing process. Some formations are linked with higher forms of universal consciousness (presumably why people react emotionally to genuine formations and not with hoaxes).

The crop circles were predicted to produce certain physical effects on people, and hundreds of people have experienced healings, unusual clicking sounds, and unusual metabolic effects when visiting the sites.

Most revealing about the channelled information is how the crop circles are created using a combination of thought processes, electromagnetism and acoustics, and encoded within a light beam. Light beams have been verified by eye-witnesses, who've taken photographs, even filed police reports. Again, it is important to note that both these facts were not being made public at the time so the chances of collusion are very remote.

The Watchers went on to describe how individuals can communicate with the energies present in crop circles through meditation and projecting thoughts of love. Also, by opening the self to the elemental energies, anyone can develop the ability to tune-in when and where a crop circle will appear. In 2000, I was driving past West Kennett long barrow with Isabelle Kingston, when I remarked to her how the field beside 'was ready to pop'; Isabelle concurred there was an energy build up, and a formation was imminent. Twelve hours later, a new crop circle appeared.

Most telling of all are the messages declaring the intention of the Circlemakers. I leave you to ponder these brief statements with an open mind: "How we would like you to understand the mysteries in true clarity- but the minds of many have yet to open fully, and thus the work is painstaking and slow. We regret that much {frivolous} interest has been shown, and in some ways this is contravening the energies. Seek not in the physical, but seek in the spiritual, for this is where the imbalance lies. You also must realize that the energies being transmitted at this time are a combination of all elements and all elemental beings as well as inter-planetary information. There is a coming-together, therefore one source is not the whole picture, and many varying types of information might well be given. It is a time for all to work together- thus all must pool their information and find that a vein of pure gold will run through. There is a new code of understanding being transmitted. Seek not to accept the barrier {of rationality}. It is a blueprint of a new energy-coding {that is} coming on to the planet. We have communicated before many times: it is usually through thought-processes, but now it needs to be seen. Changes are occurring in all people- this sometimes stirs up anxiety and strife before the operation is complete."

Interestingly, recent measurements of energy levels in plants show how their vibrational level has risen over the decade; blood samples from children born in the last fifteen years are showing new strands of DNA being activated. It seems that changes in organisms are already underway.

In 1997, a colleague of Isabelle's, an American channeler (an accountant by trade!) successfully predicted nine out of ten crop circle designs, months before the season began. This person has been psychically gifted since childhood and has directly channeled information from the Circlemakers too. She predicts events, locations and specific details of designs, but receives direct information from specific entities involved in each design (it's not just the Watchers who are involved ) which has on many occasions been later corroborated by in-depth research into obscure mathematical and esoteric sources.

In 1998 this person again received important information regarding crop circles in England.

It appears that as the energy used in making crop circles increases over the years (now verified by special detection equipment) so too is the residual energy felt in and around them. Not only did I witness this toward the end of the season but also felt an unusual and severe discomfort. A third witness who was traveling with us- a novice to crop circles research- corroborates this. A large number of 1998's crop circles inevitably contained energy levels of a disruptivenature. This was necessary, according to the Circlemakers, to shatter certain energies on Earth and within certain individuals. Individuals should have been able to detect a sharp pain in the cranial area, especially behind the eyes. While this energy will not be harmful it, would have disrupt the body's systems as these were realligned, brought into resonance with the new energies at work. This is of special concern to all those who in the past have experienced healing energies in the circles and feel that they have 'been worked with'. Extra-sensitive people will feel the errant energies well outside the perimeter of new crop circles.

One description of a crop circle late in the 1998' season was the resemblance to shards of glass. This turned out to be the double-pentagram at Beckhampton (see 1998 Crop Circles), whose energy could be felt up to a quarter of a mile away by many sensitive people. We were barely able to stay inside the crop circle for fifteen minutes before having to leave with severe headaches and mass dehydration, something that has never happened to us before despite hundreds of incursions into crop circles of all ages. Such symptoms are usually atributed to infrasonic exposure, or microwaves.

A number of reports have also been compiled concerning strong energy pulses along geodetic lines, disrupting nearby electrical connections and making people who happen to cross them feel tremendous pressure in the body....