Crop circles and their connections to dowsing, psychic connection, subtle energies, and prediction


How crop circles and sacred sites influence human consciousness.

by Freddy Silva, © 2007

Back in 1990, an emotive crop circle appeared in southern England. To the Hopi elders who later saw its image, they called it "Mother is crying". For indeed the glyph gave the impression of a wilting planet with four drooping feathers (symbolizing the prime elements), as if the Earth was expressing its state of mind. Now, almost two decades later, new evidence shows how this event, and many others since, is yet another unmistakable sign of how our host planet engages in an intimate communication. And that communication has been going on for thousands of years.

The Earth is covered with a vast network of sacred spaces: standing stones, dolmens, stone circles, and pyramids. Many have posited that these places are unique, in that they are repositories of subtle energies, and these energies have a possible link to developing human consciousness, and specifically the awakening of human cellular memory.

Studies conducted at stone chambers, such as Ireland’s Newgrange mound, and many needles of stone show these places emit electromagnetic (EM) frequencies, and very often they interact with the local magnetic field, sending compasses pointing as much as 180 degrees from magnetic north. One study at Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire using a magnetomer survey of the area shows how this energy spirals into the sacred site like a cosmic sinkhole.

Traditionally, such places were regarded as meeting points between the gods, the Earth and its inhabitants. In other words, they were places of communication, or communes. In the Iberian peninsula they are called ‘betilo’, which stems from the Semitic ‘beth-el’ or ‘house of god’. In Portugal, stone chambers are ‘antas’, from the Latin ‘anotare’, meaning ‘to mark or locate’.

These places have a rich history of healing as well as altered states, and possibly not as a result of a fertile imagination. Because the human body is also electromagnetic, every organ, every tissue, every cell in our human temple emits a frequency. Therefore, coming into contact with an altered EM field influences the actions taking place within our cellular structure. Tests monitoring brainwave activity in sacred sites demonstrate there is indeed an influence, particularly on right-brain activity– that part of us that works with the creative and the intuitive. Inside Gothic cathedrals–which were built on ancient temples, sometimes incorporating their very standing stones– this influence on our state of awareness can be as much as 4000% above normal waking state.

A second facet of this energy is how each sacred site generates a series of energetic ripples from a central point, typically the altar. Like a stone dropped into a still pond, these invisible ripples can be mapped. When traced onto a computer, their spatial relationships reveal a concealed geometric relationship, and more often than not in the form of pentagrams and hexagrams.

Such geometry was imprinted in the relationship of the walls and other physical features of Gothic cathedrals, Egyptian temples, even the ground plan of Stonehenge. And although not evident at first sight, the same is true of the most enigmatic structure on the Giza Plateau, the Bent Pyramid.

Although considered “a mistake” by orthodox archaeology, this colossal structure actually hides its true nature well. For if one unfolds the top bend of the pyramid, like the petals of a flower, the shape each ‘petal’ creates on a horizontal plane is the unmistakable geometry of the pentagram; the same is true of the bottom bend, which unfolds to express the shape of the hexagram.

So, what is so significant about pentagrams and hexagrams? Traditionally, the pentagram has been associated with biological life, for the points of the pentagram subtend the form of nature’s very own spiral of life, the Golden Ratio. And of all geometric shapes, living organisms, from the simplest single-cell diatoms to the complex human form, expand their cell structure according to the algorithms of this spiral. It would seem, then, that the pentagram is the structure behind the living world, precisely as Leonardo DaVinci posited when he drew the figure of the outstretched man encompassed within a pentagram.

Conversely, when organisms solidify– as in the case of crystals, or water freezing into ice– their crystalline structures take on the shape of the hexagram. So, whereas the pentagram is seen as mutable, expansive, creative, and female, the hexagram is considered fixed, rational, and male.

This male-female, pentagonal-hexagonal bond exists very close to home. Looking down the barrel of a microscope, the crystalline structure of human DNA displays a bonding pattern arranged in alternating crystals shaped like pentagrams and hexagrams. Since biogeometry is a physical expression of living energy, two like geometrical energy fields would not only attract one another, they would influence each other to the point where information is exchanged. A common analogy is the way two strangers in a room form an attraction and fall in love. By the same token, a pilgrim walking into a cathedral, a pyramid or even a stone circle is attracted to and exchanges information with that host environment. So, perhaps it is not surprising that such sites are associated with the alteration of consciousness and healing, because the energy generated by their geometric structures interacts with people at a fundamental, biological level. And considering the Latin root of ‘religion’– religio, meaning ‘reconnect with source’– people are literally having religious experiences at these sites of veneration.

Yet the implications of the pentagram-hexagram connection go beyond the human form and its interacting relationship with the geometry of temples and their energy fields. Since geometry is an expression of number in space, numerically the pentagram/hexagram relationship translates to a ratio of 6:5. This is a very important ratio. On Earth, the 6:5 ratio appears thus: 21,600 (the number of nautical miles around the equator) relative to the Earth’s retrograde processional cycle of 25,920 years (the time it takes the planet to complete it full ‘wobble’ at the poles). And it is this harmonic that generates the energetic conditions for self-aware life to evolve on a planet. In other words, life that is both rational and intuitive– human life.

Now, if you were an ‘outside’ intelligence attempting to interact with the Earth and its upright crystalline beings, or indeed the host planet communicating with its human guests– you would choose the most efficient and direct method of communication possible. And the common language of the Universe is based on light, geometry, and its derivative, number.

It may surprise many that for the best part of 300 years crop circles have been appearing beside ancient sacred sites, no matter in which of the 29 countries they have manifested thus far. Of importance here is how the said agriglyphs bear an uncanny resemblance to the local temples, both in their geometry as well as their subtle energy fields, and in the way they interact with their pilgrims.

Hundreds of reports have been filed by people who have had experiences in crop circles, often citing 'healing', 'awakening', 'mental clarity', and so forth– the kinds of effects one hears from visitors to sacred sites. And while sceptics are quick to point out such affects are psychosomatic, the evidence not only suggests otherwise but that an exchange of information is taking place between two organisms.

Eyewitness accounts by farmers, police and locals often describe a tube of light penetrating through the clouds to create a crop formation. Some of the reports go back to the 1890s, and describe a process that lasts about fifteen seconds. These tubes of light were photographed by myself prior to an event in 1998, at Tawsmead Copse, Wiltshire. Unbeknown to me, at the moment I was recording the event six miles away, a local woman out walking her dog was witnessing it barely a hundred yards in front of her. She described it as a "descending tube of light, like a cookie cutter, which swirled the wheat in front of me for about fifteen seconds, then went back up. Then the next day the crop circle appeared at that very same spot."

But unlike dozens of similar eyewitness accounts, the energy did not create the crop circle at the time: the flattening of plants took place some hours later, suggesting that the light (EM) contained information that imprinted into the Earth, and later, the Earth responded with a geometric pattern. Such an event suggests that the crop circles are not just inputs of energy but also triggers that awaken a response within the living Earth.

The presence of light in the creation of crop circles raises serious implications, because the light spectrum carries signals that organisms require for receiving information, particularly human DNA. Such bioelectromagnetic signals operate at the extreme ends of the EM spectrum – the type of frequencies recorded in crop circles. Any excitation of this bioelectromagnetic field is transmitted to the DNA, and in laboratory experiments in China genetic information has already been successfully transmitted from one organism to another.

Furthermore, this frequency range detected in crop circles appears to ally with a part of the human body that is dormant. Mapped by Valerie Hunt in the 1970s, the frequency range of the human body covers a wide span, yet there is a range– 250-320 MHz- where nothing seems to happen, the human temple is utterly silent. By comparison, the predominant range of frequencies detected inside the crop circles seems to cover a range of 260-320 MHz. And the sharp rise in these occurs at the perimeter of the flattened crop, suggesting that people are entering a kind of shielded area that differs substantially from the rest of the field. People are essentially entering a temple.

There are additional clues demonstrating Mother Earth is speaking to her children through some of the crop circles, and this communication is going into our cellular memory via the pentagonal/hexagonal geometry of our cells.

Crop circles are, by and large, geometric forms; even some of the simplest circular markings are linked together by an invisible and harmonic geometric array, suggesting that the physical geometric pattern is the expression of an underlying energy. Such a process already exists in cymatics, where high-speed cameras have filmed sound ‘physicalizing’ as geometric forms in liquid. Ironically, many of the images look identical to the latter-day crop circles.

But it is the prevalence of pentagonal and hexagonal geometries in crop circles that makes a deeper connection with our host planet and, by implication, ourselves. Those geometries are occurring not just in their physical design, like any temple they are also bound within their blueprint, and like a Gothic cathedral, hidden to the eye.

This connection extends to the energy fields emanating from within the crop circle. Measurements clearly show how, just like dolmens and standing stones, crop circles emit a subtle energy field resembling ripples in a pond. And just as with their stone counterparts, these fields are governed by invisible geometric arrays that favor hexagrams and pentagrams.

So, clearly crop circles and sacred sites are places where the Earth and the unseen Universe express their thoughts. And the sentiment is transferred to the human body through an array of EM frequencies and sympathetic resonance based on geometry. But there is one final element at work: sound.

Creation is based on the concept that all atoms and molecules are in a state of vibration. This led all religions and faiths around the world to adopt the notion that “in the beginning was the Word, and the word was God”. Sound has been revered for millennia as the method by which all life is formed, and after a decade of research I, too, reached the conclusion that sound is a fundamental force behind the manifestation of crop circles.

Which brings us back to that incredible event in 1998, at Tawsmead Copse, when an eyewitness and this photographer caught a crop circle in the making, a seven-pointed geometric shape. That glyph was itself a metaphor for sound, since the heptagon is synonymous with the seven pure notes of the music scale, the de-re-mi, and so on. As my colleagues and I stood in appreciation of the intricacies inside that crop circle, we heard a series of musical notes around us, and recorded them. Little did I realize at the time that this was yet another moment when Mother was summoning her children, and spellbound, we wandered towards one of her creations, ever closer to her bosom. And here lies the final connection to the pentagram-hexagram.

As it turns out, the geometric/numeric ratio 6:5 is not just the ratio of the Earth and the geometry of DNA, it also happens to be a musical interval called the Minor Third. It is the frequency interval between the notes E-flat and C. And when played, they sound exactly like a call many of us have heard at least once in our lives, regardless of cultural background. For these are the two tones that a mother utters when she beckons her children. They are the notes most often used in lullabies. They are the first summoning tones in native American flute music. And this ratio is expressed in the forms of the pentagram and hexagram, the same forms that are inherent in the geometry of sacred sites, cathedrals and crop circles, not to mention their pulsating, living energy fields.

And thus with these tones we are summoned to hear, to heal, to communicate.

If indeed the crop circles are a conscious act of Earth Mother calling to her children, she’s doing so in a way that, like the best mothers, is best achieved through gentleness and elegance. Even though, as expressed by the ‘Mother Is Crying’ crop glyph, she does so while quietly uttering her own pain.