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After researching this phenomenon intensely for 7 years during which time I have entered at least 300 formations, it occurred to me that it might be possible to monitor any physical changes occurring during the crop circle season. Ann Smithells of Biotech Health and Nutrition Centre, Petersfield, gallantly came to my aid. Using a well tried and tested Listen system she is able to scan the body for food sensitivities and mineral and vitamin imbalances.

On 24 April 1996, Ann tested me for mineral and vitamin levels and found that I was low in Hydrochloric Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and Chromium. Apart from that I was pretty much Mrs Average walking in off the street, slightly stressed. (So what's new!)

On the 18 September 5 weeks since I had last been into a formation, I was tested again. This time the test showed a substantial drop in both my vitamin and mineral levels which led Ann to suggest that I was badly undernourished "as it is unusual for these levels to drop this low so quickly unless you are on a very poor diet". I am very careful about eating well, using fresh vegetables and fruit at all times; in summer we have an abundance of these; my diet therefore if anything had improved due to fresh food availability.

So what is the answer? I have unsuccessfully tried to find any mental, physical or emotional explanation. Yes I have been feeling tired but then I am told I regularly pack more into 24 hours than most people do into a week; that is normal for me and the way I am made.

Could this substantial drop in mineral and vitamin levels be due to visiting so many circles or is it as a result of the long hours I spend in them conducting my research? Could it be that just one formation be held responsible? I can recall two formations that I found particularly draining this summer.

Ann is kindly going to monitor me this winter.

Once more these results can not be regarded as proof in the strict scientific sense, but I believe they are indicative that the effects of formations could be seen as interacting agents and again I would stress that if you do not feel well whilst visiting a formation, come out and if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, do not go in.

Michael Newark who also spends much time in the circles tells me he has been feeling exhausted and drained and that any bursts of energy are short lived.

I do not wish to be alarmist, but would suggest that if you are a frequent visitor to the formations, spending long hours in them, you should get yourself checked regularly.

Since starting to write this report, I have recently returned to Ann Smithells, who on the 14 January 1997 kindly conducted a follow-up test. As soon as I entered her rooms she remarked how much better I looked and indeed this was confirmed by the tests. I AM NOW BACK TO NORMAL.

The big question for 1997 is..do I try and repeat the tests this summer and risk possible exhaustion and debilitation due maybe to certain crop circle energies, and try to continue carrying out a hectic research, lecture, aerial photography and writing schedule, or do I take massive vitamin supplements from the start of the season onwards to prevent this lowered condition? Clearly for any tests to have scientific validity, they must be repeatable, but it is worth risking one's health to such an extent? If I were a teenager with a rapid recovery ability, I would have no worries or hesitations.

We are all on a tremendous learning curve, investigating areas not previously studied. This can only be regarded as enormously exciting not only in scientific terms but in making us aware that there is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom still eluding us. This knowledge is inherent in nature and it to nature at its most profound and spiritual level, that we must look for the answers.



Nothing has happened to change my belief that certain formations may have homeopathic qualities and to that end, my final area of research continues; burying 20 ml bottles of water, (all taken from the same source) inside formations and control samples outside the formations, to see if when analysed, there is any change in the structure of the water. Many of you will be familiar with the results from experiments conducted by Dr Cyril Smith and Dr Levengood, both of whom found significant changes respectively in resonances and bacteria levels. But as happens oft-times with science the wheels move slowly and one has to return to the drawing board to re-think and restructure techniques and procedures. At times I almost get the impression that the `force` does not wish to be pinned down by scientific analysis and is trying to avoid all our concerted efforts.

Last September I devised an experiment in which Dr Jacques Benveniste was to analyse bottles that he would send on to Professor Joan Davis in Switzerland, who in turn, after analysing them using her technique, would send them to Dr Cyril Smith. If they all revealed substantial changes between the samples buried inside and the samples buried outside a formation, it would have been a major step forward. However the best laid plans of mice and men do not always materialise; the bottles arrived with Jacques, he was busy over the winter and in the spring moved laboratories; "The bottles are not lost, I wrapped them up myself, but I cannot find them".

However he most generously agreed to test samples from 1996 and then send them to Dr Cyril Smith for analysis. Unfortunately Professor Joan Davis is unwell so cannot be part of this experiment.



Four samples of water from the crop fields were tested. The water was contained in 20 ml bottles, two of which came from inside formations and two were control samples. The formations tested were the Mayan Symbol at East Oakley and the Triple Spiral below Windmill Hill.

These tests were carried out blind, using the well known classical Langendorff method using Krebs-Henseleit buffer. Jim Lyons has kindly helped analyse these results and suggests "that this method is to test the effects of potentised water on living tissue, the target in this case being the hearts of suitably immunised guinea pigs. This is a method of identifying directly the effects of the presence of subtle energies on living tissue. Heart rate is usually an indicator of the level of energy present. This technique appears to measure percentage variation between a control sample of water flow and a potentised one".

In these tests there is a 10% variation. Most controls are below 6%, so between 6 & 10%, Dr Benveniste suggests "that something may be happening and we repeat the measures."

Bottle No 018 was the control sample buried in the same field but furthest from the Mayan Symbol formation.

Bottle 022 was buried in a shaft jutting off from the Mayan Symbol.

Bottle No 030 was the control sample buried in the same field but furthest from the Triple Spiral.

Bottle No 034 was buried in the centre of the centre circle of the Triple Spiral.

The results were as follows:


Bottle 018 .. 022 .. 030 .. 034


..........4.1 .. 2.7 .. 17.1 .. 11.3 .. 26.7


So taking 6% as the threshold percentage, you will now see that whereas both samples from inside and outside the Mayan Symbol were below 6%, both samples from inside and outside the Triple Spiral were above 6%. The sample inside the centre circle showing increases of 51.3% and 136% over the control sample.

According to Jacques "sample 034 is clearly positive and sample 030 very positive."

Jim Lyons comments that "Although these represent a very small experimental sample, the fact that there is very good compatibility between results based on well proven experimental protocols is very comforting. This has been shown for the soil tests which were also an attempt to find a measurable effect in subtle energy affected by living matter and aura dowsing tests which are based entirely on potentised matter due to subtle energies. In all cases the matter, be it water, seed head or soil act as storers of this energy. Together with Cyril Smith's stored frequency results (7) shows that we have a technique which can be further developed to provide full energy spectrum results for the crop or soil."



I have jut received the keenly awaited results of the water samples first analysed by Dr Jacques Benveniste and subsequently sent on to Dr Cyril Smith for his analysis using his well tried and tested Resonance technique (8).

The frequency results are as follows.

Tube 022 +1.15kHz only

Tube 018 +10.5kHz, -1.1MHz, +15.4MHz

Tube 034 +8.5Hz, -14 Hz, +10.5kHz

Tube 030 +8.5Hz, -14 Hz, +10.5kHz


You will note that the frequencies from tubes 034 and 030 are identical, thereby supporting the theory that 030 (the control sample buried after the sample buried inside the formation), had taken on and retained the frequencies present inside the formation

Also tube 018 buried inside the Mayan where we all felt ill, has taken on certain frequencies..

Dr Cyril Smith tells us that "of significance is the frequency 10.5 Hz common to three samples. This could possibly be a network navigational frequency or a frequency for communicating with submarines while submerged. The frequencies 8.5 Hz might be residues of malathion or endrin. The frequencies 14 Hz might be residues of PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyis). The frequency of 1.1 MHz covers many local radio stations on medium wave band. The frequency of 15.4 MHz is in the 19 metre short wave band.

After receiving Dr Smith's results I wrote describing the placing of the bottles and the locations of the formations. I enclosed photographs of the formations involved, to which I received a most intriguing response.

"I wonder whether what you are looking at is a much magnified representation of a virus present in the crop, soil or pests. I note that both the fields had been crop sprayed according to the wheel marks left in the crops, I suspected this in my results for the Triple Spiral.

"Most plant viruses are rods (straight or curved), rings or faceted spherical shapes. The enclosed copy of a bacteriophage is quite like your Mayan symbol. If the whole field was infected and crops or parasites became hypersensitised into coherent activity by these neurotoxic chemicals, it seems to me a possibility hat there could be a sort of holographic reproduction of a uniformly distributed virus magnified in the ratio of the velocity of light (300 Mm/s) to the velocity of coherent waves in air (0.05 m/s) that is 6 x 10* times. Viruses are between 30-300 nm in size, this magnification would give a reproduction sized 180-1800 metres, consistent with your 1000 ft. If the coherence waves were propagating in limestone (the

nearest thing I have measured), their velocity would be about 0.8 m/s and the ratio would be 3.7 x 10* resulting in an image size between 11-110 metres. Water would give something nearer to 3-30 metres.

"I shall be interested to learn what your pundits think of this possibility".

It is hugely cheering that the water tests undertaken by Drs Smith and Levengood also showed significant anomalies using different well tried methods. Clearly there is need for further research in this area which may give us additional understanding of the manner in which electromagnetic fields effect all living matter.

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