Photos © Freddy Silva, Jane Ross. Text © Freddy Silva and Jane Ross

One of the more overt Native American (possibly Hopi) formations. It was revealed by channeling contacts months ago that this year would see the building of a rainbow bridge between the spirits of Wiltshire and the Native American tribes of the American southwest, so this design seems quite timely.

The formation measured 150 ft in wheat and had a very pleasant, fluid construction, with two of the avenues flowing towards the centre. The pentagram, a symbol once described as the geometer's hymn to the Golden Section, frames the proportions of the outstretched human body. It was also worn by Pythagoreans as a talisman for health. The symbolic definition of the number 5 also gives the pentagram psychic and lunar qualities. Its angle is 108 degrees, 1080 being the number of the moon in gematria. All these implications will become more meaningful as you read on.

The air inside this formation was certainly one of the most peaceful ever experienced- no alarming energy levels, no errant animal behaviour- just stillness. Our team decided to take advantage of this calm to practice a meditation as well as offer a blessing to Spirit. In an interesting twist, Jane was requested to carry out a healing on Patrick and myself. The following details are factual and I include them in the interests of open-minded research. During the course of my meditation I was unaware that a healing was taking place at all, but what I found striking afterwards was that the processes involved during the healing that Jane conducted, I physically accounted for: she described how she had been instructed to open my heart chakra to let in light, followed by a drawing out of negative elements from my body. At this point I had started to feel my chest stiffen as if being stepped-on by a heavy boot, then a feeling of weight being drawn towards my feet. When this was over I felt a lightness overwhelm my body. Then came the most interesting part. Jane described how she was made to shape her palms like a triangle and focus a very strong energy beam of purple light directly into my third eye. This, again, is concurrent with what I felt- a very strong sensation and pressure in the middle of my forehead, so strong in fact that I actually felt my body arching at the neck. My forehead was still sore a day later.

Even more fascinating was the way in which my physical body was moved during the session. Because of severe illness as a child I am unable to meditate with my palms facing skyward while laying on the ground. But in order to receive any source of energy one is required to face the palms up. To my complete astonishment I actually felt pressure on my forearm muscles to twist my arms into the correct position, my palms turning slowly skyward as this happened; when I completed the meditation my palms had moved 180 degrees. This was one of several incidences where we were able to communicate with the energies at work.

I should add that this experience will probably be felt by anyone wishing to do so. But you have to walk into a crop circle with good intent, and ask to be placed in the service of these energies for the highest good of all. Jane, a respected healer, as well as myself would be interested to hear from people who have had similar experiences.

As we exited the formation following the healing we witnessed 6-8 balls of light hovering playfully for 15 minutes around the nearby giant's grave of Easton Hill. These were small, about a foot in diameter and blinked in a non-mechanical manner in several incandescent colours. This event was witnessed by all three in our party and caught on video.

Never a dull moment with this phenomenon.

Located opposite the crop circle altar that is the East Field in Alton Priors, this spiralling formation appeared over a line of magnetic energy that runs between Woodborough Hill and Adam's Grave.

Thanking as always Polly and Tim Carson for their continued access and support of this phenomenon, I am happy to tell that this 300 ft formation had the fluidity of water when first discovered. It comprises 12 equal diameter rings revolving around a rotating centre, creating the illusion of a central circle.

This is the third Qabbalistic formation of the year, the first being the Tree of Life (although ironically it appears to have been man-made); the second, the roots of the Tree of Sephiroth; this one is representational of the 4-D symbol that is the Tube Torus or life force energy, a primal rotating spiral from which all matter is created. At the centre of this spiral, all points are in equilibrium. Which is interesting because, after dowsing, we were able to detect a perfect stillpoint of energy at the formation's energy centre, located some 28 ft from the physical centre.

Another interesting observation was made a few days later. A group had set up some tribal drums well away from the formation but still along the energy line. The idea was to experiment with sound and rhythm to see if an interaction with the energy field could be established. After some ten minutes, the drums got into synch and hit a definitive tone which could be physically felt, as if a sympathetic resonance had been achieved. At that moment of complete harmony, the people sitting inside the crop circle suddenly got up and began to dance, possibly in reaction to the energy in the crop circle being activated. A few moments later an army helicopter was seen scrambling towards the circle and was videotaped diving at the people inside, as if in attack mode.

This action begs to be understood. The people inside the formation had the permission to be in the field, they even paid the farmer a nominal fee. This action therefore cannot be accounted for by the army as a 'manouvre' and marks yet another aggressive move to disrupt the public from discovering the beneficial effects of interacting with the crop circle and earth energies. It is also noted that at periods of intense energy, small balls of light have, over the years, been observed over crop circles in this area, followed a few minutes later by army helicopters giving chase. It leads one to question whether the energies released at these sites are able to be picked up by conventional means such as radar.


A very significant crop circle for this year, not least because it resembles an ant. Once again, this team thanks farmer Will Butler for permission to access the site.

According to Mr. Butler, who's farmed this land for several decades, the animals in his farm became very agitated just before this formation appeared. Even his normally placid cat uncharacteristically tried to jump out of a window. The formation itself lies 78 Degrees due East and is positioned exactly on the course of an earth energy line. The dowsing levels inside the formation hit new highs, indicating an exceptionally strong energy.

Around the top circle's centre, four energy vortices were dowsable in a square pattern, roughly three feet from each epicentre. The top 'antenae' pointed exactly to two ancient oaks along the nearby lane. When examining the bends of these antenae, the former pointed back to the corresponding trees. Upon dowsing the area between the trees it was discovered that these elderly woods indeed marked the boundary of the geodetic line (even the farmer confirmed it). It was then observed that the other arms of the ant also pointed to other trees along the lane. In conclusion it can be deduced that the formation was keying source points of terrestial energy and sending it westwards in the direction of Stonehenge, some sixty miles away.

According to Mr. Butler, unmarked army helicopters were scrambled to the location shortly after the formation appeared at 4 AM and were seen monitoring the event. This proceedure is one of many documented over the years and is in direct contravention of military policy for Great Britain.

What better location for the Circlemakers to flex their creative genius than that palate of wheat directly behind ancient Silbury Hill– the Hill of the Shining Ones – erected some six thousand years ago under the directions of The Watchers: the Godly beings reputed to have brought humanity much of its ancient wisdom, which is now being rediscovered in the deciphering of crop circles.

This marvelous example of geometry is 250 feet long, ridiculously complicated, and comprises 126 circles with one grapeshot appearing due north some 600 ft away, and a second appearing within 12 feet of the first some three days later. Only two out of all the circles lie anti-clockwise. The floor had the fluidity of water; and looking at the aerial shots one can see the combing effect performed as a series of triangles radiating from a central circular motion. Pure poetry.

The formation appeared in daylight, a rare event. And unless I am mistaken, it lies on the male earth energy line known as the St. Michael line.

Any further words would be detrimental to the enjoyment of this work.


(Floor lay detail- notice how the poppies remained unharmed among the laid wheat.)

(The enormous amount of rotational torque has bent the crop into a wreath in the centre and a star shape at the edges.