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This was probably one of the toughest years in crop circles research. At least it was for me. My friend and colleague Paul Vigay took his own life in February, while I was in New Zealand— resting! Among a library of great talents, Paul was one of the last people capable of looking at crop circles objectively, and certainly one of the very few who could tell real from fake and state it publicly. His qualities are missed.

Also departed to the Otherworld is John Michell, author, antiquarian, ancient mysteries researcher, mentor and friend. John's contribution to our re-discovery of ancient systems of knowledge is beyond compare, and his pioneering work on crop circles set a high example for teh rest of us. As if this wasn’t enough bad news, the man who began modern research into crop circles, and without whom I would not be here, Pat Delgado, died as well.

It seems that crop circles researchers have literally become a dying breed, not to mention a rare one. These days it seems anyone with Internet access is an expert, but little or nothing of what they write or say bears any resemblance to reality.

At sad times like these I pause to assess why I ever got involved in this strange affair. It takes a certain breed of person to understand a phenomenon like this, see the benefits to society, and sacrifice their personal life to promote it in the face of relentless scepticism, cynicism, and the debunking by well-coordinated and deep-pocketed people with big contacts in the media. At times like this you really wonder why such things are even worth pursuing.

The answer is, naturally, because we care. Because there is some sense of duty above-and-beyond personal interest that is hard-wired into your genes. But with that said, observing this year’s 73 UK formations, and 44 from around the world, I can honestly say that the transmission from the true circle-making force is, by-and-large, completed.

Aside from the usual reasons I have stated over the past four years regarding human interference, if we go back to Isabelle Kingston’s 1985 communications with the source of the crop circles (see Secrets In The Fields) it was said that the crop circles would be ‘sent’ to fulfil a number of criteria:
- the awakening of humanity through symbols created by vibration, electro-magnetism and the subtle manipulation of the local gravity field. These symbols contain ‘potential’ and it would be up to us to use them or ignore them. Seeing the extraordinary social and spiritual changes that have manifested over the past three decades, it may well be that the crop circles have contributed to our understanding of ourselves and our universe, and in turn these new ideas have made an impact on the social fabric.

- the imprinting of new ideas into the Earth via magnetic lines of force, which would serve to influence scientists. It was mentioned that “in these circles there are imprints for an energy machine, and people will be used to unravel them. In time humanity will discover how to manipulate gravity and the illusion of time”. During this time, three different groups have decoded such tehnological information and are working with anti-gravity propulsion; only last September did scientists discover how to levitate objects such as rocks and mice in anti-gravity chambers. So, perhaps these ideas have found their way to their intended targets.

- Some designs would be “stabilizing the Earth, to give humanity time to better prepare for inevitable environmental changes”. It doesn’t take a genius to see that we have been living on borrowed time, and many people feel an urgent shift away from political action (which advances at glacial pace anyway) and towards local self-empowerment. Again, looking at the extraordinary explosion of back-to-roots movements, and small businesses that think locally and act globally, the changes are tangible and real.

Whether any or all of this is a result of the imprinting of coded messages into the magnetic fabric of the Earth by crop circles is a matter for debate. But undoubtedly the changes are here, and the mere sight of whole, outmoded systems falling apart at the seams is an indication that people working towards a common good are having an affect.

There was also another aspect of crop circles that was relayed by the true Circlemakers: at some point in this phenomenon human greed and fear would get involved. While the rest of us have been busy working out the puzzle, the sceptics and their media allies have controlled the output of information; even the editors at Wikipedia control the sceptical spin on the crop circles page. If you don’t believe me try to add real evidence. Your edits will be removed in minutes, as mine have been on every occasion.

It actually amuses me to know there are real people sitting, waiting, 24-hours a day to pounce on anyone who actually has some truth to write on that website.

As if this is not enough, these days there are legions of self-appointed experts on crop circles, but from what I read on the internet, the field reports show how 99% of these people have never been inside a real crop circle to be able to differentiate fact from fiction. I have no doubt that some of these enthusiasts mean well, and their passion should not be denied them; in fact it should be encouraged. But stating facts without experience is not a sensible thing to do. The mistakes will just keep multiplying.

But there are also a number of malicious hacks working among the gullible (for that is what they believe us to be). Given the location of some formations it is clear that many of the reports are filed by the very vandals behind the hoaxes. Aiding this sociopathic behaviour are the croppies who’ve manoeuvred themselves into strategic positions, and knowingly give needed oxygen to the hoaxing by selling it for a profit.

But this too was foreseen by the Circlemakers’ and factored into the equation. Over two decades ago they described how the human drama would inevitably take over and corrupt the true phenomenon. This will need to run its natural course— and like any vengeful fire it will—spending its ammunition before the phenomenon once again returns. Out of the 73 formations in the UK, only one showed any signs of genuineness: this was a circle in canola in the Marlborough Downs that no one reported! A potential second formation may have appeared in the Pewsey Vale, but there is insufficient information due to a very bad-tempered farmer. And with so much vandalism, who can blame their attitude; several crop circles tourists were nearly shot by one farmer protecting his land from trespass.

As for the rest of the designs, 98% were made on weekends, all contained evidence of construction lines, and pretty much all of them were derived from previous, and already proven hoaxes; unlike real crop circles these are nothing more than artistic embelishements. There was the predictable play on 2012 imagery; there were phoenix, dragonflies, and one design copied from the lines on the Nazca plateau. Meanwhile, National Geographic aired their yearly biased doumentary, yet again denying real evidence and real researchers a voice. However, they did manage to dig up two hoaxers who've 'been active since 1993", yet no one has ever heard of them! Shortly after the air date, the hits on my website went through the roof. Some people felt the need to get a perspective on the biased reporting. But they would have been disappointed, for the website was hacked for three consecutive days following the programme. Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...

Reports from North America were very sparse. One design in Washington State seems hopeful at the time of writing; a second, in Alberta, also seems promising, one of its circles exhibiting the type of spiral flow common to real crop circles.

With these rare occurrences, the crop circles continue the subtle input of information and the stabilizing of the Earth, just as we were told back in 1985. For the Red Deer formation was discovered beside a planetary UVG grid point, a network of node points along the Earth's surface discovered in the 1970s by Becker and Hagens. Lest we forget, real crop circles appear at the nodes of magnetic energy. As all ancient cultures knew, imprinting information using sound at these nodes— and sound is how the crop circles are made— the Earth remembers and acts on the information.

It appears we have now been given all the information we need to perform a much-needed, and well overdue transformation of ourselves. It would be wise to return to the collected research of dedicated people, like Pat Delgado, and read the material already in print. At transitional moments such as this year we would do well to honour the work of people who put themselves on the front line so that we could continue living. It’s been my pleasure to continue the work that Pat and others laid out before me. My only hope is that others still in this field will honour it too— by working not for their own short-term gain but for the long-term profit of this planet.

There is much gold in what has been presented to us, if only we pool our resources and work together for a common good.

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