Images: Steve Habgood, Andreas Muller. Text © Freddy Silva.

For the past five years, trying to write the annual crop circles report has become harder each season, given that fewer and fewer genuine circles have been manifesting. The same is true of the 2010 season.

First, I do wish to make it very clear that I will go on championing the cause of the genuine crop circles and the message from its various makers for as long as I live. However, to pursue this quest blindly and without objectivity serves little purpose. This is perhaps the most important transmission between worlds in centuries, if not millennia, and the benefits to mankind are extraordinary. We have already decoded new mathematical theorems, anti-gravity technology, and a subtle system of healing.

Far more important, and paradoxically less measurable, are the changes to the subtle forces that govern the Earth. The input of information that has been done through the crop circles has helped us buy time with regard to Earth changes. What do I mean? Essentially the genuine crop circles are appearing at the Earth’s magnetic nodes, and as such, whatever electromagnetic frequencies are transmitted to those nodes will influence all living biogenetic organisms, which includes the Earth herself. Some of the genuine crop circles encode numerical values that ally with the Earth’s own systems of energy, and so there appears to be a direct conversation and exchange taking place between the two.

Hoaxes do not have such features. They are noise, pollution, distraction, and ironically, they are all off-grid.

There were four genuine crop circles this season in southern Britain, leaving some 54 hoaxes; the situation in Europe appears to be no better. North America reported no action whatsoever.

Predictably, the years’ most talked-about design in England appeared in May, opposite a windmill at Wilton: a wheel design apparently encoding an approximation to Euler’s Identity, one of the most complex mathematical formulas. I say ‘apparently’ because Dr John Talbot, a maths research fellow at University College London, describes the design thus: “Looking at the crop circle, the link with Euler’s most famous identity seems to make perfect sense. However, the way the formula has been executed is partially incorrect. One of the discrepancies is that one part of the formula translates as ‘hi’ rather than ‘i’, which could be somebody’s idea of a joke.”

Which indeed it was. The evidence on the ground shows many signs of man-made involvement, including the construction lines. It seems that the same group who pulled off last year’s ‘mathematical crop circle’ at Barbury Castle has continued the joke for this year. This is no doubt some deliberate move to own the mathematical source behind the genuine crop circles. Let us remember that the original mathematical theorems first discovered encoded in real crop circles were the Euclidean theorems, as found by the late Prof. Gerald Hawkins. Their encoded musical ratios are what led people like myself to uncover the proof that sound is creating the real crop circles. In other words, the maths are there as a means to an end.

The hoaxers have always shied away from approaching Hawkins’ work because they are simply too ignorant to tackle it. So, it now seems they’ve recruited some maths professor of their own to design their claim on the phenomenon. But to the trained eye, they have failed. Last year’s ‘pi’ formation was merely a re-hash of the original Barbury Castle formation from 1991. And this year’s Euler’s Identity fits the same profile: clever, but redundant. After all, we already know and have proved the higher intellectual profile of the true circle-makers, and how their work leads to a positive decoding of the phenomenon. These man-made efforts advance nothing except confusion.

One gang of hoaxers who have been very active for years in the Pewsey Vale got caught once more, and a glance at their work will now reveal all the other designs they made over the years, for it is the same blueprint re-hashed in different forms. The gang even had the audacity to post an ‘honesty box’ next to the crap circle to entice visitors to leave a donation which could be collected later. Fortunately the box was removed and replaced by farmer Tim Carson, who should be correctly paid for the damage to his crop.

The four simple and genuine designs were exactly that: simple. Once again, it was the single circles that exhibited the features common to the real phenomenon. Of note are the imprints beside Silbury Hill, which appeared on one of that mound’s magnetic nodes, where genuine circles have appeared in the past.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. A good number of latter-day designs are being made to order for commercial gain in collusion with a tiny minority of self-appointed researchers (and I use that term very loosely). The designs are positioned at places that make for great art direction and aerial photography; they are almost airbrushed into place to sell images. The opinion is shared by some of the mature members of the research community who understand teh politcs around crop circles and how honest investigation has been hijacked by people who only see crop circles as comemrce or as a means for personal posturing.

If you really wish to get into the spirit of the crop circles, stick to the transmissions between 1980-1999, and with care, to 2003, when the last genuine complex crop circle appeared at Ogbourne St. George. The information, purpose and benefit are all there should you wish to pursue the truth.