Andrews Catalog T287

This pattern contains crop theorems, but it is embellished with 3 paws, 3 legs and 6 spokes. Because of the fitted square, the ring gives a ratio of 2 by theorem III. The equilateral triangle and central circle is theorem II.

Andrews Catalog T340

Because the inner circle is inside a pentacle, which is also inside a pentacle, the outer circle and inner circle give a DIATONIC RATIO within less than 1% for note D in the 7th octave (see rule 2, DEFINITIONS). The exact ratio by Euclid is 4 times the golden mean raised to the 6th power, a value of 71.8. The loops in the Web Pattern are equally spaced concentric circles, starting with #4 and ending with #8. These give a DIATONIC RATIO of 4, note C in the 3rd octave.


Photo correction & diagrams © Freddy Silva 1997. Photo T340 © Colin Andrews, T287 ©unknown. Text © Gerald Hawkins


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